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My toilet water blue

I have had When your main drain line is clogged, water has nowhere to go but back up into your home. If the water level has dropped make a new mark at the new water level and continue to wait. Uugghh. If your pet drinks some of that blue toilet water, you can give them a small amount of milk or fresh water to help dilute the mixture even further. Do I need to rush her to Vet ER? The normal vet opens in about 2 hours. Clorox Ultra Clean Toilet Tablets Bleach & Blue, Rain Clean, 4 Ct (Package May Vary) 4. I filled up one of the gallon jugs with tap water and compared it to a jug full of tank water, and sure enough, the tank water was blue. If you notice black mold appearing in your toilet, especially soon after you have cleaned it, you should talk with your doctor. Turned the toilet water blue until it was gone which then you knew it needed replaced. Where water is disappearing from the toilet bowl for no apparent reason, begin by examining the toilet and the surrounding area for any evidence of the fault. Dec 19, 2016 · 7 signs you may have a problem with your private well December 19, 2016 December 19, 2016 by Atlantic Blue Water Service When you get your water from a private well instead of from a public source, the water your family uses for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing is your responsibility. I've written about that subject in an article here toilet tank water savers. I did get rid of the hard water line for the most part, but to my horror I turned my toilet bowl gray!! Is 2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner safe for my toilet? What about a Septic System? What precautions should I take when using the 2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner? Is it safe to use a toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl while using 2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the tank? Will soft water make 2000 Flushes In this case, the chemicals from the toilet bowl cleaner found in the tablets or discs are diluted in water, and although they can cause some mild stomach upset, more severe signs aren’t expected. with some soap and water. Get rid of toilet rings and hard water stains with these Scrubbing Bubbles Continuous Clean Drop-Ins. Aug 07, 2019 · She shared her own experience with removing hard water stains from her toilet bowl caused by their mineral-rich well water. Water picks up these dissolved minerals as it travels through the ground and into our water supply. Now the blue goo story was nagging at the back of my head, my conscience saying I was an impetuous and foolish spendthrift who couldn’t exercise patience and must always jump to conclusions. Ditch the drop-in-tank toilet fresheners. I wanted to make sure that he felt comfortable with the move. I this might be your problem. Oct 28, 2016 · It is very conceivable that the mold found in your body or in your toilet bowl is an indication that your body is really experiencing an over intake of glucose. ] While toilet stains may not bother you, your guests will probably be reluctant to come over again if they have to use a toilet that smells and has stains. The veracity of this statement does, however, hinge somewhat on your personal attention to toilet hygiene. but the water wasnt completly clean (yeah i no eww). (Thetford says that opening the toilet flapper before or after doing, well one's business, is equally acceptable. If your well water turns an eerie blue or blue-greenish color, you have a problem related to either copper or zinc from bronze fixtures. Adding chlorine to the toilet tank is one of the worst things you can do to your toilet. Why does my blue toilet water turn pink? 4 comments. WATER TEST. HELP!! How to Remove Those Blue/Green Stains From Your Bathroom. Blue Mineral Toilet Bowl Stains. If my system isn’t working correctly, who do I contact? Call Kohler at 1-800-4-KOHLER (1-800-457-4537). I marked the water level and put the blue tab in the tank and sure enough a little while later I had Indeed, unless you go in for the blue stuff or those giant mints (you know the products I mean), your well-maintained toilet’s water is probably every bit as safe as tap water. If I put about 2 cups of bleach in the worst one, and leave it at least 5-6 hours, it does come out. Not much scrubbing at all. The leaking water will drop the toilet bowl's water level as well. Hi Sherylen. As a result, more problems can be created. I need help. However, it is not recommended that toilet water be used as a source of drinking water for pets. With a few simple modifications, you can turn your water-guzzling toilet into a water-sipping low-flow commode. If you immediately flush the toilet or use a plunger, the bathroom may flood. Discolored water is a symptom of a bigger problem. Some signs of iron or sulfur bacteria are slime, a stringy material growing out from the sides, or bubbles/froth on the top of the water in the tank. It appeared fine but I cleaned it out anyway and still problems. Aqua Rinse keeps the flush water fresh, ensures a smooth flush and leaves a protective layer. Find the toilet’s water supply pipe. Your formerly snow-white toilet seat is now blue. Inside: Get rid of those awful toilet bowl stains without scrubbing. we have 2 toilets- all the water in the whole house, coming out every faucet and the other toilet, is clear except the water in 1 toilet is brown colored. Mar 29, 2019 · To clean a stained toilet bowl, try soaking a pumice stone in water for 10-15 minutes and then scrubbing the stains with it. Sep 01, 2009 · My dog just drank toilet water that had a Clorox Bleach & Blue tab in it. Using a pumice stone may work. i snatch him by the collar, but it was too late, he drank water already!! Will he DIE!!!!????? please give me the best advice on it. I will happily live with the blue toilet seat if it means fewer hot flashes. My 3 year-old son drank water out of one of our toilets! He is at the age where I felt like I didn't need to keep a constant eye on him! I was folding laundry this morning and trying to tidy up and I hear splashing and then drinking and ran to the bathroom and he is drinking water from the toilet. Aug 13, 2019 · Black water from your faucet is a sign of mildew growth. Dec 24, 2019 · How to Detect Toilet Leaks. Wiki User September 10, 2013 9:25AM i keep a clean bottle of urine in the tank of my toilet in case my parents ever decide to drug test me I'm so grossed out. That said, washdowns have smaller water spots, so “skid marks” are more of an issue. In almost all cases, water that appears with a blue or greenish tint is caused by brand new copper water lines in your home plumbing system. The tank should stop filling before the water reaches an overflow tube. If a blue ring shows up in your toilet bowl, it will rim the bowl at the same height as the usual water level in the bowl. Remove the lid to the tank and note or mark the water level in the tank. Definitely awesome! Oh, also, the  24 Jan 2017 These cleaners often turn the water blue and may seem unsafe for pets, but rest easy, that blue water is unlikely to harm your pet—although we  This cleaner leaves blue trails down the side of both of our toilets and the entire bowl under the water  Harpic Flushmatic toilet cleaner works from inside the cistern to release a Clear blue water with every flush Personally i prefer the blue color to green here However, the pink ring that develops at the water line in the toilet, around drains, in Green or blue-greenish stains or discoloration that appears which are not a  30 Sep 2018 The key is to lower the water level in the toilet by pumping the flusher minerals in the water deposit along the water line, turning red, blue,  24 May 2019 But you could be doing a lot of damage to your toilet just by dropping that tablet in the water tank. Oct 23, 2009 · Archive was faster (BACKSPLASH, TOILET WATER) Oct 27, 2008. all the faucets water is clear though what the heck could Jul 07, 2009 · As I was pouring the old water into the sink, I noticed that it looked quite blue. wras. It makes the bowl seem cleaner than it is (even when it is absolutely clean). Follow these steps to get blue stains out. Toilet model numbers are located in a variety of places on the product. Besides iron bacteria, your toilet tanks can tell you if you have copper corrosion (blue water) or sediment or other contaminants in the Check out the fresh new look of Clorox ® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bleach & Blue. Blue, Green or Turquoise Water. No one I've talked to about it has ever heard of blue in a toilet. Blue water likely means the blue disinfectant from your toilet tank is leaking into your regular water supply. Red Rings in Toilet. Sep 19, 2009 · What if a dog drinks blue toilet water? lizards eat snails and dog food cause i give my lizard dog food all the time and snails he loves them and he drinks water Blue tongued lizards are found Identifying Your Toilet Model Model Number Location Overview. Hello, I have read almost all the archive, and among all what I had ready there are two or three posts that I really admired. This is caused by minerals in your water and doesn’t cause any harm other than a stain on your toilet bowl. Image courtesy of Plumbing Supply. So, I'm thinking dirty toilet tank for some reason. If you have blue water, your toilet tank with disinfectant has sprung a leak and is mixing into your water supply. The initial formulas included some goodies like mothball-scented naphthalene, which, if ingested by a toddler intrigued with the pretty blue cake, causes some serious poison symptoms. I am a civil engineer trying to figure out the following problem for a high-end home builder. I have found that when I scrub it with toilet bowl cleaner it doesn't get clean--- UNLESS I drain the bowl first. While they may seem like the perfect way to sanitize  Flush the toilet. It probably isn’t rust or a mineral. Drop the tablet in your toilet tank to activate powerful detergents that automatically keep your toilet bowl clean between scrubbings. Bright Blue Liquid Dripping from Back of Toilet; Author: HAmante (Non-US) We recently moved into a new home, as I began cleaning the upstairs bathroom I noticed some intensely bright, blue splashes on the floor and baseboards at the back of the toilet. Although the blue water from the toilet bowl isn’t a huge issue, should the pet ingest or lick the tablet itself we could see chemical burns in the mouth and May 06, 2013 · A few months ago I decided to try to get the hard water line out of my toilet bowl. Tucson Water flushes stagnant areas of the distribution system to clear the problem. Usually this happens when the bathtub is being drained, or when I turn on the facets in the sink, but I think it also happens sometimes when no water is being used anywhere else. Don't use toilet cleaning products in your toilet's tank! I have always warned my customers against using tablets, packets or chemical bottles that are put in the toilet tank to clean the water and/or make the water blue. You can also try scouring away the stains with a dryer sheet. Eventually they 10 things your plumber wishes you wouldn't do. Wait several hours to overnight without flushing the toilet, then check the water level in the tank. All I wanted was some blue water. If a pet ingests a tablet or large quantities of toilet bowl water containing the cleaner, it is recommended to follow up with your veterinarian. 4 Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush & 4 Ways to Fix It! If you’re known as the handyman around your house that your spouse, kids, or roommates come to when there’s a plumbing problem, chances are that you’ve heard “the toilet won’t flush” a few times (usually followed by “but it’s not my fault!”). the water is blue but like really faded cuz we've had it there for quite a while now, butit is noticibly blue tho. A discussion started in 2004 but continuing through 2019. take out the toilet block and place it in a sealed bag and change the gloves. The position of the float controls the fill level - this can often be adjusted by turning a screw located near the pivot point of the arm, or sometimes by bending the arm slightly if it is made of metal. You can buy toilet tank replacement parts / kits at most hardware stores. Features: * 1 Bottle Of Blue Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner * Cleans and  2 Mar 2010 You'll be pleased to learn that removing blue mineral toilet bowl stains can be a very simple procedure if you're armed with the right set of  The stain was partially my fault, as I had left the cleaner in the bowl for several hours before rinsing. Customer Service October 4th, 2016 . What is it? A blue colour in drinking water is rare but when it happens it is due to corrosion of copper plumbing. In this case, call a plumber immediately. The tank is crystal clear. doesn't smell bad, and the water in the tank is also yellow (i checked). Toilets often develop a pink or slightly orange ring around the bowl right at the water line, especially if the toilet is rarely used. Clogged Toilet! Are you in an emergency embarrassing situation with a clogged toilet? If your toilet is clogged and filled to the very top brim with water, here is a way to get the water down without flooding the bathroom. Besides iron bacteria, your toilet tanks can tell you if you have copper corrosion ( blue water) or sediment or other contaminants in the water: For bacterial problems  25 Nov 2019 Toilet bluing is the act of placing a blue dye in a toilet bowl to color the water, and is mandatory per most employer and government drug  Blot the area immediately with a white, dry rag to soak up as much of the stain as possible. We have soft water  27 Jan 2015 The blue dye that some people put in their tanks causes a lot of This allows the vinegar to circulate inside the rim and keep the water Jets  25 May 2018 Everything you pour down the drain, flush down the toilet or put in your throughout the system that treats the water waste from your home. Wondering how WD40\'s 2000 Flushes toilet bowl cleaners can help you? Why are the bleach tablets in the new anti-bacterial 2000 Flushes Bleach and 2000 Flushes Blue Try to prop the flapper valve open a bit and just let the water flow. Then if you clean the toilet using something like Vanish, which turns the water blue, it can cling to the mineral build-up on the bowl. Clorox ® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bleach & Blue is an easy-to-use tablet that continuously cleans and deodorizes your bowl with the power of Clorox® Bleach. Start by washing the toilet bowl normally by using soap and water. Combining power balls and blue water technology, actively cleaning between flushes. Plunging a clogged toilet can splash dirty water around the area, old clothes and some protection for the walls might be a good idea. Fixing a running toilet is a lot easier than you might think. Run the sink closest to the toilet for a minute and the toilet bubbles or the water level in the toilet rises. In this article, we'll show you how to identify and solve the problem. Pink water is likely from potassium permanganate, a chemical used to oxidize iron and manganese. While they may seem like the perfect way to sanitize your “throne” and keep it clean, the reality is that they are quite harmful to your toilet. What should I do?! Thank you for contacting Pet Coach with your concern about Kora! Oh my, that’s not good she drank bleach water from the toilet! It's not safe for cats to drink bleach water, but animals typically Here's the deal. Before using any cleaning solution - but particularly harsh  Best toilet cleaner: cleaning a toilet with blue toilet cleaner and a toilet brush while this gel removes the toughest of stains, including hard water and limescale  The blue water indicates the toilet bowl is sanitary, stain free and deodorised. The blue-green color of the stains actually comes from acid-corroded copper in your pipes, which also makes water unsuitable for drinking. The toilet bowl drop-ins provide relief from stains caused by hard water, minerals and limescale, as well as protection from odors for a continuous clean. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of liquid dish soap and 1 cup of warm water in a  Have used this product forever and although I don't think it cleaned any better than other cleaners (which do nothing either) I liked the blue water in the bowl and  16 Mar 2019 If you have hard water, you'll need a special cleaner to remove the chalky white build-up that tends to stain porcelain. You’ll love how simple this is, say goodbye to ugly water lines. DRINKING WATER INSPECTORATE . I would be most concerned about her drinking water with any of the drop-in bowl cleaners or other cleaning products in it. Determine if the water level is rising so high it is draining into the overflow pipe. there are small ports under the rim of the bowl. pH is a measure of how much acidity Mar 30, 2019 · 3. No one really wants to talk about it, no one wants to admit it, no one wants to clean it … but some of us (raising my hand over here) have terrible hard water stains in our toilets! If you’re not sure if your municipal water supply is acidic, one tell-tale sign is the blue-green stains that appear on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces and fixtures. But often the problem is that one or more parts within the ballcock May 04, 2011 · Blue Stains in My Toilet. My toilet's wax ring failed, and although I fixed it, some of the blue water (I use Vanish Drop-Ins ) leaked out and stained the tiles. Google+ An In-Tank toilet cleaning tablet placed in toilet tank Blue toilet water from using in-tank toilet cleaner tablet In-tank toilet cleaners (Also known as Toilet water tablets , Drop-in cleaner , etc. If colored water appears in the bowl without flushing the toilet, it indicates water a flapper and replaced that and did die test again water is still blue what Is my next ? First of all, solve the problem of purchasing, your best helper Open your target market. HELP!! A siphonic toilet (shown in the labeled illustration above) has a larger water spot, but its long, narrow trapway can clog. save hide report. Although you're not often aware of them, the water jet openings on the underside of the toilet bowl rim can become dirty and clogged with bacteria and mineral deposits. 30 Aug 2018 We've all seen toilets with continuous blue water courtesy of those tank cleaning tablets. Reintroduce water first and take it away if they start to guzzle; then when they’ve held water down for more than an hour, they can be put back on their normal food and water routine. These bacteria are not to be confused with a ferric or iron bacteria buildup. it has that cleaner in it. But if the flapper doesn’t weigh much, or it’s not adjusted properly (more on that below), it won’t close fast enough after you press the handle to flush the toilet. Jun 22, 2015 · If you have no food color, you can get blue plumbing dye from any home supply retailer or hardware store. If you’ve ever had toilet bowl rings and stains, you know that they seem next to impossible to remove. Replace any faulty spacers, bolts and washers between the tank and the bowl. The fact that your toilet is running (complete with sounds of flowing water) may very well speak to the primal nature of your pet to seek out running water in the wild. Amazon's Choice for blue toilet water. How to verify your water has too much copper. Is there anything I can use to get these stains out? They always look so dirty! I am switching to a regular cleaner that is not clingy and not blue or green, but would love to know how to clean Mar 24, 2008 · My friend was at my house and she was telling me about hwo he made his toilet water blue with this new cleaner he got and now i want it how do i get blue toilet water like my cool friend has? Takes a separate path from the tank (won't degrade toilet tank parts), and avoids excess "dosage" when the toilet isn't flushed frequently. [This review was collected as part of a promotion. ) are tablets or cartridges that add chemical to toilet tank water to reduce toilet bowl stains . But I'm breaking my own rules; it's time to get down and dirty and talk toilet. Call a plumber to fix the leak. You may love the blue water it makes in your toilet bowl, but these tablets often contain chemicals If you don’t have copper pipes, but your bathwater is still green, contact a plumber to test your water and figure out what’s causing the problem. Had to scrap large chunk of blue goo out of tank ,but water in bowl was white for a  It ruined the insides of 3 toilets and my ceramic tile in the main bath. Up to 2000 flushes! Non-toxic; Biodegradable; Safe for septic tanks. After just finishing this exclusive house, the owner started complaining about blue water in their domestic water system. First, let's think about what makes your toilet dirty, and no, this is not your opportunity to name names. Also, shut off the water and fill the bowl to just below the rim and add a cleaner or vinegar, soak, and then scrub. If your water is blue,please don’t drink the water or use it for cooking purp oses – seek advice from your water supplier and visit www. Toilet tanks that do not fill up all the way usually lead to slow flushes and clogs. Put disposable gloves on. Hard blows, contact from heavy or sharp objects and temperature changes from pouring hot water in the bowl can cause the porcelain to crack. It needs to open all the way in order to release enough water, which enables a proper flush each time. Find the Best Toilet for Your Bathroom at Lowe’s. Deffinetly recommend for a clean fresh smelling bathroom and toilet. So, what is pH, you might ask. Green water means copper plumbing has corroded, while blue water means the corrosion is almost total. 3 out of 5 stars 1,180. This cleaner leaves blue trails down the side of both of our toilets and the entire bowl under the water is also blue, especially in the older toilet. Truly amazing product. Cheryl’s story inspired me to find my own solution for toilet bowl stains, one that could be used in tandem with the siphon jet cleaning method I had shared previously. How To Fix A Toilet Leaking Water Onto The Bathroom Floor If you have found a puddle of water in your bathroom recently, your toilet may be leaking . Sep 10, 2013 · Why blue water in toilet for drug test? Answer. It actually kept the whole bathroom smelling great. Many times homeowners/residents like using those smell good blue tabs that turn the water nice and blue However those  The cause of the blue ring is elevated levels of copper in your water supply, which causes your water to be more acidic than is usual. The bad news is that slimy, anaerobic bacteria called Serratia Marcescens cause this ring. If it clogs up, the water can be, well, let's just say, less than desirable. If you have pure green water, algae is growing in your water supply. I used an SOS pad (steel wool with soap). Brenda asked, “I have been using a blue, clingy toilet bowl cleaner. After a few hours the water turns to a light red Nov 25, 2015 · Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sulfur? 11/25/2015. Jan 30, 2012 · Fuck you! They have decided to contain all of the precious water that I need for my Nice! tablet to work. Get free 2-day shipping on qualified Blue, Toilets, Toilet Seats & Bidets products or buy Bath department products today with Buy Online Pick Up in Store. Feb 11, 2013 · The title says it all. When tablet has dissolved, replace  11 Feb 2013 The title says it all. Blue or green water is caused by the corrosion of internal copper piping. When you flush a toilet the flapper rises and allows water to leave the toilet tank via the I noticed a blue clamp on your fill valve tube in one of the pictures above. You'll want to remove existing stains to stop further stains from forming, and your cleaning efforts will be much more effective without a gallon of water diluting your cleaning solutions. After you've shut off the valve, flush the toilet to remove all the water. Copper corrosion and blue water in residential water system. I don't know why I have the blue. Anything that can be damaged by water should be removed from the area before the repair is attempted. typically bright blue in color -- contain harsh chemicals that can May 07, 2019 · You may like the fresh blue look of the water when using in-tank tablets, but you are actually damaging your toilet — and the long-term cost of repairs and replacements to your toilet far outweigh the short-term ease of dropping in a cleaning solution. Wait 30 minutes. After all, you certainly . A toilet float is an important component in the toilet's fill valve; the float moves upward and downward, depending on the tank's water level. Don't be intimidated by the plumbing. ) but when turned on the screen doesnt come on Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers Dec 29, 2015 · Long answer. -How damaging it is to plumbing, heating systems and appliances. One of the biggest bathroom issues is a toilet that keeps running after you flush it or runs by itself without being flushed. The … Oct 22, 2013 · so i got freaked out just now when i flushed the toilet, and the water all came in yellow. But odder still because we have a 10000 flushes thing in there, making the water blue and such. Mar 07, 2008 · Amazing blue water toilet flush! Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! Experiment Car vs Long Balloons, Orbeez, Jelly - Duration: 10:01. Drain toilet either with wet  26 Jan 2011 Probably not, unless the water in your toilet is running, become discolored, smelly, the chain or lever has broken or you decide to put in one of  If the water touches me can it burn or irritate my skin/private areas? No rush but I have to use the bathroom. Nature Calls: Why Pets Are Attracted to Toilet Water. Maverick got into the toilet this morning and drank about 4 laps of the blue toilet water. Copper absorbing into your water can happen when the pipe is less than one-year-old and can go away with time. Really, should the toilet get that dirty? Clean water flows after each flush, washing away everything you did to ruin the bathroom's air quality. My water is blue/green Blue water can be a sign of poorly installed toilet cisterns, which allow water from toilet cisterns to siphon back into the internal plumbing. Then I apply straight Lysol toilet bowl cleaner to the toilet and allow it to run down, covering all of the stained area. A model number also Dec 15, 2017 · Prep the Toilet – Start by shutting off the water to your toilet via the water valve located behind the toilet. Sep 23, 2019 · Your toilet gets a lot of use, so normal wear-and-tear results in a lot of maintenance. One-piece toilet: The model number is located inside the tank. The stain seems to be on the surface of the linoleum and steadily grown larger over the last couple months. Step 1 – If you have shut off the water supply line, then turn on water and look inside the tank. Aug 30, 2018 · We've all seen toilets with continuous blue water courtesy of those tank cleaning tablets. Check out how to clean toilet stains like a pro and get your toilet clean again. I also noticed a lot of black mold inside the toilet tank when I took the lid off. uk for information on how to My cat drank from the toilet bowl with a bleach tablet in it. Feb 12, 2014 · Your eyes are as blue as my toilet water at home. Copper pipes and fittings, commonly used for internal plumbing of buildings and households, can be affected by copper corrosion, which can result in the release of copper to the water. The blue turn into a gel that turns the water very blue. turn the toilet water off. Otherwise, you may want to  Compare toilet cleaners from brands Coles Ultra, Domestos, ALDI Powerforce, the 'Power Active' and 'Blue Active' ranges, bringing visible blue water action  26 Sep 2017 Aquarius Water Conditioning Blog oxidizes which will create blue and green stains on sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and the piping itself. Jul 17, 2017 · If you have a well in your home, keep a close eye on the color of the water, which may tell you plenty about what might go on down under. I saw this at my grandmother's house where there were bathroom taps that didn't get used for months at a time. With every flush, your toilet enjoys glorious relief from stains caused by hard water, minerals and limescale. I looked under the toxin list and it says that toilet water is a non-toxin that can give upset stomach but does that mean regular water or the blue water? When the toilet is constantly running we must first find out if you have a fill valve issue or a flapper / flush valve issue. The toilet bowl and base are made of porcelain, which can crack easily. According to Coates, running water tends to be a healthier choice than stagnant water in a natural setting. What should I do? The Blue Diversion Toilet is an off-grid portable potty that filters waste water for washing 6 of 7. Replaced all the parts but toilet still leaks. Today I’ll be sharing some of those strange-but-true toilet tips that I’ve come across over the years. Blue water and copper pipes . com FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders Dec 10, 2018 · A whining noise when your toilet tank is filling may be the result of something simple, such as a partially closed valve. She is acting fine but is sneezing a lot. Also has septic-system-safe (and standard bleach) refill options. Scrubby has just the remedy for yucky toilet stains. Also if this is the wrong place I'm sorry, i just need  Combining cleanliness and freshness Bloo provides your toilet with Vs the outer shell, giving a boost of fragrance from the first to the last flush. Hard water deposits can accumulate on the sides of the toilet bowl. … read more Apr 12, 2010 · you may desire to get your cat to a vet at present day and not the next day morning. . It looked like the same shade of blue that tank water can turn when you use certain medications, but my tank is not medicated. Sounds to me like your ports are clogged. If these aren't doing the trick, some have seen success using toilet cleaners containing sodium bisulfate. The toilet flapper is a little rubber “trap door” that opens to let the water stored in the tank pour into the toilet bowl. What it's like to use a $649 bidet toilet seat — it has a heated seat, a built-in blue nightlight, and adjustable water pressure James Brains , Insider Picks Step 1 – Inspect Toilet. The water in the regular water bowl may have been sitting there so long that it has begun to taste stale. It’s the same Clorox® product you love, in a bold new package. I looked into the tank and the blue tablet is dissolving very slowly, not enough to make the entire tank of water blue. Many times homeowners/residents like using those smell good blue tabs that turn the water nice and blue However those tabs do more damage in the long run. Kept toilet clean and fresh smelling. This is a guide about removing stains above the toilet water line. Two-piece toilet: Model numbers are found inside the tank and the bowl, and are specific for those parts of the toilet. I am a 53 year old women and have been experiencing hot flashes for the last year +. The water in the toilet may have more oxygen in it from recent flushing. FAQ. I pour a bucket of water into the bowl, which forces the toilet to drain all but a small amount of water. My toilet water and anything in it will not drain, it continues to swirl around and around, if I pour water in the toilet while it is swirling the stuff "then" drains. at the bottom of the bowl the larger one I Is your home’s toilet tank not filling up with water after flushing? This can become quite frustrating. That cleanser is poisonous to pets! The exterior signs and indications of a reaction to it are in basic terms what you will discover- you haven't any concept what's occurring interior of his little physique and he ought to get VERY ill from it and it ought to finally end up being deadly. If the toilet has suffered a leak, there may only be water present at the rear so check this area for any pools of water and drips from the waste pipe. Why Do I Have Blue/Green Staining Of My Bathroom Fixtures? Green or blue water staining are names given to a general corrosive attack that on rare occasions occurs in buildings that have been plumbed in copper. If you buy from a pound shop it'll be weaker and dissolve quicker, than if you buy a more expensive named brand. Testing blue dye tablets to check for a leaky toilet As part of my effort to make our house more "green" I thought I'd try a few products/methods of reducing the water we use per flush. Leaves bowl water with a blue tint after every flush. I tried everything, even muriatic acid. My cat likes to drink from the toilet. We’ve never used those blue tank canisters; we just use liquid bowl cleaner. If you crave the water savings of a low-flow toilet but aren't ready to shell out money for a new model, you're in luck. My search for “toilet not flushing all the way” gave the first result to a link about ‘blue goo’. Each tablet generates clean and blue bubbles. Most people would never consider putting their lips or mouth anywhere near their toilet. Do you know why the toilet bowl is stained light blue? I checked the water (in the bowl and the tank) and it is not blue. Once the toilet's trap cracks, water can escape. 67% Upvoted. Refills are more expensive than some of the drop-in tablets, but not overly-costly. This thread is archived. A ring inside your toilet bowl, especially a blue one, could come as a surprise. Thanks for visiting the RV Repair Club site and the opportunity to assist with your toilet issue. come across a 24 hour Most, if not all the stains should be gone at this point. Q. The ultimate pick up line resource. Why are there red rings in my toilet? Red rings in the toilet, shower and tile are also known as serratia marcescens bacteria. At the bottom of the water, either a ball or a flapper will be covering a valve that lets water into your toilet bowl when you flush. Depending on the model and year, your toilet valve will either have a flat “spade” valve that is a piece of flat plastic that slides back and forth into a rubber gasket that is supposed to seal and hold water, or a rounded valve in the newer style. No one told me this by the way. It left a blue ring at the water line as well as larger stains where  16 Feb 2020 This active ingredient also sees to it that every portion of the toilet bowl is impacted uniformly. By following these steps, and using items you likely already have in your house, you will be able to remove blue mineral toilet bowl stains in no time. 13 Jun 2017 Caravan puts a peg on its nose and explores the green, blue and pink Chemical toilet waste is 'black water,' and needs to go into the site's  Best automatic toilet bowl cleaners are the best choice for cleaning bowls without Does not last 2000 flushes; Makes the water blue, which might hide stains  Easy to use: just take out 1 cleaner, put in the far end of the tank from water outlet. This is odd. A cat may also develop the habit of drinking from the toilet as a result of play behavior. My other toilets do not have a blue ring, so I am suspecting it has to do with my urine!! I can say this with confidence, as I used to use another toilet in my house for the nightly void, and it developed a blue ring. Take great  31 May 2017 The color, smell, and consistency of your urine can reveal your hydration levels, If your pee is no different than the toilet bowl water, it may be a sign you're actually Blue colored pee isn't anything to be alarmed about. Experiment vs Everythings. So far, I've tried every household and tub/tile cleaner I had lying around. Jul 10, 2015 · Have Your Cake But Please Don’t Eat It Tank drop-ins were introduced in the 1990s and became so popular that they now dominate the market for toilet bowl cleaners. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's not the old type that uses a float ball. Get to know your toilet. Blue water and copper corrosion. Simply remove the lid on the toilet tank and look inside. Some of the brands contain substances that dissolve scale that results from high bicarbonate contents in water in certain areas. Washdown toilets rarely back up; their short trapways are 4 inches in diameter, nearly twice the size of siphonics’. The standing water in the toilet bowl located on the interface between the water and the toilet bowl (hence the ring) provides a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms because it slowly evaporates to concentrate the bacteria in your toilet water around the edge to provide a foothold for such growth to occur Feb 20, 2013 · How to Prevent Pink Stains in Toilet Bowls . This can also give your water a metallic taste or leave blue-green stains on porcelain bath fixtures. That depends, to put it bluntly, on what’s in the bowl. tom hogg, of course, this may be a difficult question to answer since we do not know the make and model of your toilet ;-) Remember that the water stays at a given level because of the u-bend, which is called a trap, within the porcelain of your toilet. come across a 24 hour How to fix my phone that dropped in water? Ive dropped my phone in the toilet, I've dried it out (put it in rice etc. This is a plastic piece attached to a vertical piece on the left side of the toilet and it moves up as the water rises, and drops down as toilet is flushed. Oct 04, 2014 · When water stands in copper pipes, the copper sometimes dissolves, which causes a blue tint when it reacts with the water. The problem only occurs where there is relatively new copper plumbing. but i stilled plunged my hand all the way in a grabbed it wipped it off with a shamwow(lol) and my hand to offcourse with soap and it still hasnt worked i left it to dry . The Best Way to Remove Toilet Bowl Rings. May 05, 2013 · ok well i heard my dog drinking water so i go running to the hallway and i see he is drinking my blue toilet water. I think you’ll be surprised at how many totally weird ways there are to clean, fix, and maintain your toilet! :-) Related: The One Thing Your Toilet Needs If You Have Hard Water. You can then flush the toilet to remove as much of the sitting water as you can. Now I have to return the other one because I have no use for it in my house. I hate my toilet. The best troubleshooting procedure for determining the leak point is using this water test. It's nerve racking to view a water bill and see the amount double or triple what you Apr 10, 2013 · Find out the easy solution so you can Flush Hard Water Stains Down the Toilet. For mold or mildew stains, apply white vinegar, bleach, or tea tree oil and then scrub the stains with a toilet brush. If left untreated, this problem can run up your water bill, so you should fix this problem as soon as possible. While purchasing a new toilet might seem like a simple task, toilets come in a variety of different styles, sizes and shapes and offer different features, so it’s important to find the one that will best fit your life. Have you walked into your bathroom and noticed a foul smell coming from the sink or drains? Does it smell like rotten eggs, but you don’t remember having any for breakfast or lunch? Start by locating the water supply valve, turn it completely off and then flush your toilet just one time. 2004. Kohler does not recommend using Vanish. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be Toilet Leak Test #2: Another way to test your toilet for leaks is by turning the water to the toilet off at the shutoff valve. Jan 08, 2006 · I actually just dropped my official ps3 headset in the toilet today sadly i havent got it working. However, whether or not drinking toilet water is bad for you is a question which many have considered. share. It was so that blue my initial reaction was that it was blue toilet bowl cleaner contaminated from a cistern. Is my cat going to die from drinking this special blue water? Apr 26, 2019 · I have a blue ring in one toilet and a lot more blue in a second toilet. Nov 13, 2019 · Adjusting toilet tank water levels is an important toilet maintenance item. Last for up to 2000 flushes; Helps to prevent stains and limescale; Non  Learn what to consider when selecting the best toilet bowl cleaner, and check Toilet Bowl Cleaning System, Blue; BEST CAPSULES: Lysol Automatic Toilet Capsules minimize labor time, keeping toilet water sanitized for up to 12 weeks. Why did 2000 Flushes turn my toilet water from Blue to Pink after a few hours? After flushing the water is blue. When water level in tank is low, drop tablet into the tank near side wall and away from water valve opening. Look Inside the Tank. What Causes Blue Stains? Blue stains in shower, tub or sink fixtures, are in the vast majority of cases, a result of household water that has a low pH. Typically, this pipe sits behind the toilet and runs through the wall or the floor. -What causes these blue stains. Hard water contains mineral deposits such as magnesium and limescale. Low water levels can cause toilets to flush poorly and clog. It destroys the gaskets in all 3, and as a  27 Dec 2011 My next door neighbors growing up always had blue toilet water, and it fascinated my sister and me. Not one of the several contractors, plumbers or sewer line repair people that came to my house during a year long fiasco with my plumbing EVER mentioned that it could just be my toilet or my toilet paper. Several years ago I paid thousands of dollars to replace my sewer lines. The cause for the discoloration is hiding inside your water supply. Water Stains From Your Toilet • Why Are Water Softeners Good for Dec 13, 2002 · Blue color of the toilet tablets has a psychologic effect, to my mind. Apr 12, 2010 · you may desire to get your cat to a vet at present day and not the next day morning. Clipped on toilet easily. When the blue tablet dissolves, through osmosis, it spreads in the water and makes it blue, so if you flush once a day it'll be blue. Besides this, tablets contain deodorating and desinfecting substances. 1. 9 Weird Toilet Hacks That Actually Work Sometimes my toilet starts running for a few seconds at a time, like it's just finishing filling up the tank. Bleach tablets can slowly cause damage to  7 May 2014 You may love the blue water it makes in your toilet bowl, but these tablets often contain chemicals that wear out working parts inside the tank,  The blue water indicates the toilet bowl is sanitary, stain free and deodorised. The color blue can range from very dark to a lighter, bluish-green color. To remove any leftover water, unscrew the nut holding the fill valve in place and catch the excess water with a small bucket. So stop wasting water and fix the toilet! Thetford offers a pleasantly-scented toilet fluid for the flush-water tank (Aqua Rinse) and a variety of waste-holding tank products (Aqua Kem Blue, Aqua Kem Green, Aqua Kem Natural, Aqua Kem Sachets). With a full tank, turn the water off at the shut of valve. Greetings all My father has discovered an odd stain on his bathroom linoleum floor that seems to be coming from the base of the toilet. You expect to see a ring around the bathtub after giving a muddy toddler a bath. So you probably have a main line clog if you: Flush the toilet and the water backs up into the bathtub or shower drains. If too much is used your water will turn pink, and if far too much is used it Need help removing blue stains on tile around toilet. A year later my toilet backed up AGAIN. Will this make her sick? A. Discolored toilet water can be a sign of clogged sewer pipes. So you already see the green/blue water—which is the most obvious sign that So I just stumbled across my cat drinking from my toilet bowl. DO NOT flush the toilet. I have had a cold/flu over the last few days and other then the typical symptoms my toilet seat has a blue imprint of my back side and my hot flashes have diminished. White or cloudy water typically signifies air in your pipes; brown, red or yellow water means rust, often caused if a water main breaks in your area or if your pipes are very old. If you flush several times a day, osmosis is inhibited, so its less blue. Jul 07, 2009 · Hello again, This is a common happening, while you should try and avoid your dog drinking this blue stuff the chemicals are so dilute that lasting damage is rare. The Fun Factor. You will probably see blue stains around the very top of the bowl as well, where water from the tank pours in. Once your water has been turned off, follow the steps below: Remove all the necessary bolts, washers and nuts from both the inside of the tank and below the bowl. Blue water dye. To avoid situations like this, it’s best to handle the problem right from Apr 19, 2004 · To remove stains above the water line in a toilet there are a couple of good methods to try. The blue colour indicates that there are quite high levels of copper in the water. If not, use your toilet brush to scrub the remaining stains and flush to rinse. What is likely to happen is that your dog will have vomiting or diarrhoea for 24 to 48 hours are drinking the blue water but after that your dog will usually return to normal. Toilet manufacturers rarely use the exact same color names as their competitors - so take the hassle out of figuring out which is which with this easy-to-use cross reference chart. Recently this happened to us and upon further inspection, we found a water leak on the back of our toilet. Lift the cover of the tank to see what’s inside. The amount of copper won't  In-tank toilet cleaners are tablets or cartridges that add chemical to toilet tank water to reduce Another issue is the blue dye commonly in in-tank cleaning tablets may cover up iron deposits. Everything online says to watch for vomiting. When we were selling our old house years ago my son was only 5 years old. In Conclusion. Just add a tablet into the tank to help keep the bowl stain-free for up to four weeks. Over a 10-14 day period, blue/purple stains develop in the bottom of our toilet bowl. I took an e Shut off your toilet's water valve, which is located behind the toilet. Is there anything I can use to get these stains out? They always look so … Should I call an emergency plumber for my toilet cistern as I have Bloo toilet block in my toilet cistern? Starting from the standard toilet syphon problems to the push button lifting toilet valves, new or old, in Martin Smith’s experience, it has always been found where you find the blue coloured Bloo toilet block, you will most likely see I bought a 2000 toilet bowl cleaner package (bleach tablet and blue tablet), at first it dissolves right and the resulting water in the bowl is deep blue. Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Continuous Clean Drop-Ins Toilet Cleaner Tablet, Repels Tough Hard Water and Limescale Stains, Blue Discs, 3ct, 4. Toilet leaks may be easy to repair, but detecting them can be a great challenge, especially when they are completely silent. Getting Rid of Blue or Green Water Stains. Ultimately, is will dissolve. Water passing through the lines creates natural oxidation and turns the water blue. And that’s exactly what I did! Check to see if the flapper, the part of your toilet that allows water to flow from the tank into the toilet bowl, is working properly. It uses the newer type of floating mechanism. 23 oz- Pack of 6 (18 Total Discs) on Amazon. There are many types of floats, with the specific type of float needed depending on the fill valve's design. and 1 large one about the size of a nickel. Toilet bowl rings are the result of hard water and mineral deposits that develop from standing water in the bowl or from the toilet not being flushed multiple times during the day. The toilet has been successfully tested in trials in Uganda and Kenya to largely positive feedback. In May 05, 2013 · ok well i heard my dog drinking water so i go running to the hallway and i see he is drinking my blue toilet water. Jan 11, 2012 · This morning, one of my lesson students’ mother told me that the toilet’s water was “dark brown” and there was something wrong because there were brown stripes on the toilet itself. Simply select your toilet manufacturer, then browse our list of available toilet seat colors to find the one that's right for you. You might be surprised to see a blue ring around your toilet, right around the water line. Make a mark in the tank at the current water level. 7 Mar 2013 From toilet flushes to full sinks, lengthy baths to hot showers, the Green water means copper plumbing has corroded, while blue water means  This awesome alcoholic blue punch drink combines vodka, Triple Sec, Mixed Berry Powerade, and lemon lime soda, and is honestly one of the best Powerade   Replacing the rubber flapper valve in a toilet tank to stop it from leaking. Avoid problems and set the level in your tank to the correct height. It's was in a large clump in my tank. ) Press the blue button to flush fresh water around the toilet bowl (The pump is designed to pulsate after an initial surge of water--this is normal operation even though it sounds a bit odd at first). Ty-D-Bol’s Blue, In-Tank Toilet Bowl Tablet automatically cleans Ty-D-Bol’s Blue, In-Tank Toilet Bowl Tablet automatically cleans and deodorizes your toilet with a signature blue “Clean You Can See”. However after sometime the water gets lighter and lighter. How to use. Now I will never have blue water! I bought two of these little bathroom helpers and I already opened one. Ty-D-Bol’s Blue, in-Tank Liquid automatically cleans and deodorizes your toilet with a signature blue Clean You Can See! Place the bottle in your toilet tank to provide a constant flow of powerful detergents that will automatically keep your toilet bowl clean between scrubbings. Dr. One piece or two? Mar 30, 2020 · Why Does Your Toilet's Water Suddenly Look Brown? If your toilet's water suddenly looks brown or discolored, you may have a plumbing emergency on your hands. Ingredients: Blue (Mixed Berry) Kool - Aid 2 (2 liter) bottles Sprite Zero (sugar free white pop) Cool Whip (I used sugar free) Mix the Sprite Zero and the blue Kool  Does that explain the blue/green water in the system? The toilet tanks show blue tinted water, and the toilet bowls of the lesser used bathrooms have a blue  When you flush the toilet water leaves the tank and goes down into the bowl. Many manufacturers of toilets have discouraged  The stuff clogged up my water tank. I know the toilet doesn’t look pretty because it’s rusty water, but seriously, if someone sees it’s bad enough to mention to me, I need to fix it ASAP! If you have a heavy leak in your toilet, it's easy to diagnose—the faint sound of the toilet tank constantly replenishing is a dead give away. They do not form in our other toilet. Why would my toilet seat turn blue? Your first instinct will probably be to blame your partner. The fixes are straightforward, even if you don't have any plumbing experience. co. -What you can do to fix it. Mar 08, 2013 · BUT, I was just reading an online article that says if you have a blue ring in your toilet, to suspect copper in your water. Colonies of bacteria forming here can become a health concern, and mineral deposits clogging the toilet jets can interfere with the flow of water. looks just like someone peed in it even though it was just flushed. 2. What about a slow leak? Diagnose it with food coloring. Nov 14, 2019 · The toilet uses water to operate. We have 6 month old toilet. my toilet water blue

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