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Oct 28, 2015 · At least for BF4, everything just feels like it's happening more in real-time. 2 didn't feel any better and was worried it was Mavericks. Nov 22, 2018 · The RX 580 beats the GTX 1060 as the top mainstream GPU, but AMD loses out to Intel in the processor war. Or if you have a 144Hz display, aim for half or one third your refresh rate. Oculus CV1 is 2160×1200, 90 times a second, equals Mine maxes out at 60fps on my 502 so I set it to 59. Buy Acer Predator Helios 500 PH517-61-R0GX Gaming Laptop, AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Desktop Processor, AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 Graphics, 17. Human eyes cannot see things beyond 60Hz. Someone ports a 30fps game to the PC and players want to run at 60fps, only to discover the collision engine / audio engine / game logic breaks at that speed. 144Hz is great, and 166Hz even better. Editor feels really choppy in 4. And usually limits like this are a problem because they’re low. The Jun 24, 2017 · [Skip to next paragraph for potential fix] Anyways some backstory, I literally bought a good graphics card and 144hz monitor just to make my csgo game smooth but despite 300+ fps and the Hz (yes I am sure it was at 144hz in nvidia settings) MY game would feel choppy, like it was sluggish and my mouse felt delayed ( i even bought a new mouse but This FIXED my stutter on my 144Hz monitor: Hi all, I recently bought myself a new monitor, an Iiyama 27 inch / 1ms / 144Hz gaming monitor, previously i had a 27 inch 60Hz monitor. 29 Sep 2015 I am experiencing a problem with Terraria and my 144hz moniter. Shadows: Off — Shadows are a major GPU resource and turning this setting off results in the largest FPS increase, so turn it off. Sometimes I get a terrible stutter (or tearing, I'm not sure) or my fps is stuck between 80 and 90 when I set the fps cap to 120 or Unlimited, but if I alt+tab out of the game that fixes it and I get a perfect 120fps regardless of whether the in-game v-sync is on. I own Asus 144hz and never can go back to playing FPS on something less. A rock solid 60fps that never dips is a better choice. I am primarily a PC gamer and only play my PS4 for the exclusives. Some will be displayed 2 times, some will be displayed 3 times. Bought this to replace my Samsung 60Hz curved monitor and I can notice the difference just by moving my mouse and scrolling webpage. Dec 22, 2019 · Movement is noticeably more fluid while aiming as well as target acquisition feels more snappy. Make sure your minimums are over a 100fps on a 144hz monitor and you'll be fine. You also can check Toms GPU charts of even their recently released SMB. Set the vertical sync to use the application setting. So why are the 120Hz/144Hz monitors better? The eye transmits information to the brain, but some characteristics of the signal are lost or altered in the process. PC-gaming purists may find the on-chassis branding eye-rolling, but this is a competent-enough gaming laptop with a lot of local storage and a natty 144Hz screen. I'd recommend it Oct 05, 2016 · 1 minute ago, seed said: Im almost genuinely shocked to see Alien Isolation being called one of the worst games to come out this decade when the praise it received at the time after the pathetic A:CM and the shit taste and feeling of disappointment it left many fans with, including yours truly. Nov 02, 2017 · How to stream 1440p 144hz WITHOUT Screen Tearing - Elgato 4k60 Pro Setup Guide (Dual PC Configs) - Duration: 7:30. Also, is there a big difference running at 120+fps on a 120hz monitor vs 60+fps on a 60hz monitor? From what I read, people seem really divided on that issue. 1440p at max quality ends up being a bit much, dropping to 45-50fps, and minimums of 40-ish fps—1440p minimum hello i am new to gaming on pc. Currently running 442. I tried playing overwatch on the new monitor and although it was at 144hz and ow was running at 300 FPS, it felt choppy and overall like it was less than 100hz. 120fps @ 120Hz) or exceeds it, in case of VSYNC OFF. Hi guys, I have a quick question regarding high refresh rate during gaming. Whenever I go back to play 30fps games they just pisses me off, everything is so choppy and slow. So I've kept playing with Vsync on and refresh rate capped at 60Hz for ages. ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor. Once you do that you doom yourself, and similarly when you go from a 60fps game to a 30fps one, it feels so choppy in comparison. Framerate capped to 60 fps and never drops below that. 60 images you 144Hz Refresh Rate – Even smoother gaming experience than other gaming monitors in the industry. Browse categories, post your questions, or just chat with other members. The game I'm testing this stuff with is Trails of Cold Steel II, and I'm noticing some weird things. Do the same for In fact, 60 fps with v-sync on feels choppy compared to hundreds of fps with v-sync off. The Overpowered Gaming Laptop 17+, a debut for this Walmart-exclusive brand, is a competent gamer with lots of RAM and a high-refresh screen, but little else pushes it ahead of competing machines Some phones exhibit choppy scrolling, especially when navigating long web pages when multiple apps are running in the background. Eliminate choppy gameplay and distracting visual tear with AMD Radeon FreeSync and a 144Hz refresh rate. MMORPGs or Skyrim. Hello, I've been looking around a bit for the new 1080p 3d projectors but like hdtvs they most likely only do 1080p at 2x24hz. 5 GHz x 4) nVidia GTX 1070 (8GB) 12 GB RAM WIndows 7 Pro SP1 also outputting 144Hz 1080p THINGS I HAVE TRIED THAT DID NOTHING changed all video settings to lowest changed all video settings to highest rescaling down rescaling up Vsync off Vsycn on at 144, 72, 48, and 36 Fullscreen, Windowed, Windowed-full, Borderless Multiple Apex Legends settings for best performance. You also get over it pretty quick so 30fps console games don't Once you do that you doom yourself, and similarly when you go from a 60fps game to a 30fps one, it feels so choppy in comparison. I run a GTX 1080 with an i7 7700k on my PC with a 144hz monitor, so 30FPS looks absolutely stone-age atrocious to me, and the motion blur is hideous, I don't care what anyone says. RTX 2060 + i7 9600. Most tutorial on how to do this is either windows 7 or 8 and I can't seem to find how to do this for windows 10. Ok, rephrasing. For most of us, the 60-cycle alternation is lost somewhere between the eye and the brain. com. My previous screen had issues with games with more than 60fps. I then tried it on one of my other monitors and it was smooth as silk. If you're referring to video as in a movie, then the difference between frame rates are generally less noticeable. It fluctuated around 60-70 and I never got any screen tearing. After what seems like an age of alpha, beta A 144Hz monitor enriches all visual aspects of your PC display. So I will just stick to buttery smoothness without gaming. probably time to treat yourself to a 120-144Hz monitor too. Setting it to 'Adaptive (half refresh)' locks your maximum fps to 60fps for 120hz and 72fps for 144hz, and you could use that as a baseline to see if that's consistent. I drop as low as 45fps for quick seconds because the pc port isnt great, but it still feels better than locking it to 30. If ur hardware can keep up to keep fps above 60 always in any game then it won't be a problem . I'm relatively new to PC gaming and shooter games in general and I heard that high refresh rate can help you improve a lot by giving smoother gameplay. 30 fps certainly is very much playable for most type of games, but when I've been playing 60 fps titles and go back to a 30 fps shooter it just doesn't feel right. FXAA (Fast approXimate Anti-Aliasing) will usually Let's do the maths in pixel terms: "4k" aka UHD (at 16:9 aspect) is 3840×2160, 60 times a second, equals 497,664,000 pixels per second. Wide Color Gamut – Game colors and details will look more realistic and refined, to push game immersion to its limits. Most PC players will have either a 60hz, 75hz, 144hz, or 240hz monitor. Anti-Aliasing: Off — Anti-Aliasing smooths edges on 3D objects, so they look more Free 2-day shipping. Where as higher FPS gives you a smooth, overall better experience. 4 is able to output 1080p/144hz if pushed to the limit. Once im in the game it is smooth except for a few drops into the 80s from 144FPS that makes my game hitch. Something just doesn't feel right. Instead, at 60 fps animation without motion blur feels smooth. Go to the Program Settings tab, and find Fallout 4. Closed everything else, then slowly opened stuff -- photoshop (CS6 sub) made a big difference. You can access this menu both from the main menu – by clicking the cog icon in the bottom-right corner – or in-game, by hitting “ESC” and selecting Settings. Like motion sickness or something from it being so choppy. Dec 26, 2015 · I’ve had a 144hz monitor for a while now and playing roblox on 60fps because it’s locked at that feels incredibly sluggish, and I’m asking you please make the maximum fps based on the user’s maximum refresh rate, or atleast include an option for this AMD FreeSync support on the monitor allows for beautiful seamless This exactly. Jun 30, 2014 · I get an extra 10fps if I am lucky and feels smoother. Aug 14, 2017 · DUAL MONITOR 144HZ AND 60HZ GAMING FIXED of people had this issue where they would have twitch open or you tube on their second monitor and it would lock their 144hz monitor to 60fps while The game I'm testing this stuff with is Trails of Cold Steel II, and I'm noticing some weird things. g. I decided that 1080p would suffice over 2k or 4k. 2 MZVLW512HMJP HDD: 2TB Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 Sound: Logitech Z623 THX 2. Dec 23, 2018 · I just solved my problem by 80% just recently. Jan 29, 2016 · Rise of the Tomb Raider offers several anti-aliasing modes, and despite what we just said, the impact on frame rates ranges from mild to severe. Between the two, pretty much any game feels optimal on your card, provided you have a decent one. I just upgraded to a 1440p 144hz setup and have found that OBS recordings (and probably streams) have suddenly become very choppy and stuttery with the exact same settings. Noticed 4. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. As far as I can tell in just some short testing, it appears to be working. Join the GeForce community. its the 60hz monitor you need 90 Hz or 144Hz. I guess it's a specific league of legends problem, because gpu and cpu only run at 30% when playing this, and are around 40 celcius degree of temp. May 08, 2019 · MSI's GS65 Stealth delivers better-than-60fps gaming performance and a premium, portable build with long battery life. PUBG Best Settings to Get Maximum FPS If you really want to be competitive in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , you have to make sure your game is running as smoothly as possible. i5 4690k (3. When you get huge drops in fps you will feel a crazy lag. off and I cant quite figure it out. . A high refresh rate (144Hz) can smooth out some stutters but can't suppress it. Some says it's a night and day difference, that 60fps seems choppy and laggy after playing at 120, some even go as far as saying that playing at 60fps is only good for casual that don't care. In really chaotic situations like going on a rampage and dodging nades and bullets while killing 3 people, switching to secondary and killing 2 more people, it feels like your brain can take in everything that's going on better. The interesting thing about Doom is that many scenes force 60fps. The majority of the games on Switch actually run at 60fps as opposed to 30. I have 144hz monitor and 280x. I've been playing GTA V, Far Cry 4, CS:GO and Dota 2. But the game always felt a bitchoppy, even if meter shows perfect 60 frames. 30 Nov 2018 So much so that even 120Hz feels choppy to me. Feels choppy to me. Marvel at how your favourite games look in enhanced WQHD. If we can find better optimization in the future we would certainly do it, but no plants at the moment. I did notice what looked like the overdrive was disabled again. I tried watching 60fps videos on YouTube and they feel very very smooth compared to games. Sometimes it may be a one-time Nov 11, 2015 · The Frame Rate In Fallout 4 Affects The Game Speed. My fps is showing 60-120 (in most cases 80) fps, but games Aug 18, 2018 · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AOC G2460PF 24” Gaming Monitor, FreeSync, FHD (1920x1080), TN Panel, 144Hz, 1ms, Height Adjustable, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB at Amazon. I always though it's the best solution if I can't run my game at stable 120 FPS at full 120 Hz. The FPS games I’ve tested with the XG270HU include CS: GO, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Halo: Reach, and several others. vsync OFF means don't wait. Rate this thread to express how you smooth scrolling feels on the Samsung Galaxy S8 under such conditions. When i play CS:GO for example i get about 250 fps but my game feels really laggy and not smooth at all! And it happens in every game i play. Hello, I cannot really fix your problem, but outside of stations you might notice a steady 144 fps (or 60 fps) if you have v-synch on. With no real flaws, an appealing price, and power topped only by pricey When playing a battle royale a lot of players like to know what FPS their game is running at. 0 , G-SYNC at Amazon. The Best Low Input Lag TVs for Gaming in 2019. If you've got Gsync or Freesync going it may be worth disabling it, I don't have either of those but it might be an extra variable. But its consistent. I try to record at 1080p 60fps using NVENC. When I switch back to my external display (A predator XB241H a 144hz gsync panel) I just disable the fps cap. Now that YouTube can show 60fps video, 60fps games can get more of a spotlight. If you RTX 2060 + i7 9600. First going from 60 to 144 was pretty average…I could tell the difference but it seemed negligible. The video on top is really choppy but when i go check the stream playback its not as choppy but definitely feels lower than 60FPS. That's also why Fortnite feels worse than all of them, because it's a game with alot of motion and I get the lowest frame rate in there (90-150fps). videos are different than renders. The 2k model for this monitor is an extra $100 bucks, and I feel like unless your gaming build is literally top of the line, you might struggle to maintain 60fps at 1440p. The other week after playing counter-strike for a year at 144hz I had to play at 60hz and it made me physically sick. The "CRT clear motion" effect of LightBoost really only shines if fps equals Hz (e. At 30 fps you need motion blur or it feels like it stutters (and in 24hz cinema the camera produces natural motion blur due to shutter time). 100hz to me anyway still feels choppy. What happens in stuttering is the game freezes for microseconds (or fraction of second), skipping the next frame, and this ruins the whole gaming experience. Feb 01, 2020 · Ever since I started playing 60fps games on the Pro (TLoU, MGSV, DMC5, RE2, RE7, COD:MW etc. level 1 60FPS feeling choppy after using a 144Hz monitor? I have been gaming on an ASUS VG248QE 144Hz monitor for quite a while now and after getting used to getting 100FPS+ at all times i feel like i cannot enjoy 60FPS anymore, 60FPS just does not seem smooth at all for me anymore. Sign Up; Forums All Activity My Activity Streams Get yourself a 1080p/144hz/G-Sync or 1440p/144hz/G-Sync panel STAT :P Otherwise, it does sound like you have V-Sync enabled. I just can't play any shooter at 60fps anymore, it feels choppy. framerate is solid 144 but it feels choppy somehow? it might be stuttering or doing some weird stuff. Buy AOC G2460PF 24” Gaming Monitor, FreeSync, FHD (1920x1080), TN Panel, 144Hz, 1ms, Height Adjustable, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 25 Inch Full HD G2590FX online on Amazon. It is boderline impossible for us to capture a video for you because we run the game at 144fps - 240fps and shadow plays only records up to 60fps and frames doesnt actually dip as its an animation lag. With no real flaws, an appealing price, and power topped only by pricey Mar 10, 2017 · Page 3 of 4 - Desperate Micro-stutter, Jittery/ Choppy movement in game with mouse. Aug 08, 2015 · I have the BenQ XL2730Z and my Freesync only starts working from 95fps, it did 144hz in windows 8 fine. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Now the problem is that when I play the game, moving my camera feels really bad. ) and start gaming more often on my PC I feel like I have been completely spoiled by 60fps gaming. Dropping down to 60 feels super choppy for me for the first 15-30 minutes of playing something. I have done fps_max 150 in dota 2 console that I could take the full use of my monitor. After all, there's as much as double the refresh rate Dec 21, 2019 · GPU depending situation it is . But as some of those 1080p 3d projectors have a dvi port at the back I wondered if any of them would do 1080p at 2x60hz. Once you get used to the smooth play, drags are so much more effective and gratifying. But for any first person shooter 144hz is the way to go. Battlefield V is now actually, properly live. me a headache so i got a 144hz and now a 240hz, with freesync. I'm going to test 90fps as the Asus could only reach that without dissabling the overdrive function. Alex especially if you are playing on a powerful PC with a 120hz/144hz gaming monitor. - Set monitor to 60hz (monitor set to anything other than 60hz will cause stuttering and lag) 60fps/144hz will look like ---- unless you have g-sync. They all played great at 144hz! Third-person shooters, MOBAs, and MMORPGs also benefited from the 144hz refresh rate. Display Resolution 3840x2160 4K UHD, Display Size 64. Now let’s go over all the video settings for Apex Legends. but if I drop the refresh rate to 60Hz (maybe to play an old game) it looks soooo choppy more akin to 20-30hz!! I have a 144Hz GSync monitor, and while I don't necessarily play anything heavily competitive that would need it, I can certainly feel the framerate differences and try to go as high as I can to maintain smoothness. If i watch a stream or youtube video of a game i usually play, they get this really solid and smooth 60fps, but whenever i try, i do get 60FPS, but it feels choppy and not smooth at all. With G-sync off and limiting the frame rate to 60 and the refresh rate to 120hz I get the a very smooth game play but I don't see any difference by increasing the monitor refresh rate to 144hz. At least, that's the situation with Gamebryo games post-Morrowind. My Acer KG271U (144Hz TN 1ms) looks smooth from 100Hz+ . It's 2017 and we still don't have proper frame limiting options in PC games. HP Omen 880-160se custom ordered OS: Windows 10 64 bit MOBO: HP Tampa2 CPU: Intel i7 8700k with liquid cooling RAM: 32GB DDR4 2400 GPU: HP GTX 1080 Ti PSU: HP 750w Platinum SSD: Samsung 512GB M. Hi Guys, I need some guidance or opinions from fellow 144Hz TN panel users. FPS can be set to unlimited but refresh rate is NOT even an option (default 60hz standard) FRAME RATE AND  21 Dec 2014 I almost have 60 fps everytime when I'm playing except in cities. If your fps doesn't dip that much and stay in range of 100-144, it's all about your sensibility to stutters. i did notice it was a little smoother changing to full screen on my game as opposed to fullscreen borderless window. I have a PC with ryzen 5 and gtx 960 2gb and games i play on it are very smooth and i feel that i have high fps. and i can honestly tell you that a 30fps game is nowhere near that choppy. No more bottlenecking my PC with my screen. I seem to get these green pixels whenever I watch youtube videos (using firefox). 144hz G-Sync lag free settings at 60 fps If you own an above monitor these settings will give you butter smooth gameplay at 60 fps so the engine doesn't bug out. Trust me on that one. so my problem is that when gaming on fps games like bf1 and titanfall 2 the game feels slugesh far from butter smooth. Hi, i made a game, not much complex (with  29 Mar 2016 To Refresh Rate, Workaround For 60FPS On 120Hz & 144Hz Monitors use NVIDIA's Inspector Tool in order to limit your framerate at 60fps. This explains why when I switched from 270x 120hz hdmi to 580 144hz has input lag. Nov 01, 2017 · Additionally, we ran the tests on a couple wildcards — a 2015 Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M graphics card, and a MacBook Pro 15 with an AMD Radeon Pro 455 graphics card Nov 09, 2015 · 5) Next, open the Nvidia Control Panel. I have a 240 Hz monitor - it’s a nice stepping stone while we wait for 4–5 kHz monitors :) I tried setting it to 144 Hz, just to see whether the difference is as small as people claim it to be, and, no, at least for me there’s a pretty obvious imp In terms of K+M 60-100hz is a big jump in my opinion. There is a lot of graphical tearing when doing it. If you Mar 21, 2019 · Hi this is how I fixed my frames dropping while watching twitch/youtube on my 60hz monitor while gaming on my 144hz monitor. With a map that dense, there's not much more we can do. Just because your monitor can't output more than 60fps doesn't mean you're actually playing on 60fps. To adjust that setting you need to go to Control Panel -> Display -> Screen Resolution -> Advanced Settings -> Monitor -> Set the Screen refresh rate to 120 or 144Hz (depending on your monitor). Easily modify your monitor settings via the Display Widget utility software. EposVox 84,079 views. The fps seems notoriously bad inside stations for everyone and to me it is a bit unclear as to why. Mobo? - posted in Computer Gaming: I had a motherboard that i had one time nothing, but issues with memory At PC Game Haven you’ll find a variety of different gaming PC builds fit for any budget. One of the many perks of being on PC, though, is Tried upping the FOV (if it lets you) ? that is a big help. ae at best prices. Did some searches and a lot of people says to disable hardware acceleration, not sure if this is the case but figured I try it. And as you approach 60FPS, it looks more than smooth; 30FPS, and 60FPS. Cyber Monday 2019: TV & Monitor Deals. 1 on OSX Mavericks -- unity's framerate counter says 100+ but it feels like 15-20 edit: might be a photoshop problem. They have the 30hz option which helps but no motion blur. The curvature is actually really nice, it feels very natural and looks super cool haha. Recording will only work you have a 144hz capture card and replay it on a 144hz - 240hz monitor. If I run without gsync, the fps is good, around 100 with all maxed, but the feeling is not smooth at all. Jan 17, 2016 · Feels like my rig is using HDD/CPU/RAM/GFX at 100%,though it's actually just ticking over in performance tab. 75fps both feels choppy and has input lag. It is very helpful on games like CS:GO as it makes it easier to track the enemies as they move. Oct 25, 2016 · It's not a problem, it's just the fact that your eyes are now used to seeing 144Hz so anything below that would feel 'laggy', it's normal. Any fps drop is felt as a stutter. 01 hotfix Try loading it in borderless full screen mode with Gsync and see if it doesn't lock up. Skyrim, at 30 fps, feels choppy. again, bad example. Running a 144hz monitor, but changing the resolution down then back up fixes it for a minute or two but it goes right back So I've kept playing with Vsync on and refresh rate capped at 60Hz for ages. In cities the fps drops to 50 or so but the game PDA. HDMI 1. Apr 30, 2020 · The MSI GS66 Stealth is a well-built and potent high-end gaming laptop, but it has a few shortcomings (especially considering the price of our review configuration) and loses some of the identity This monitor is great! It is the first time I use a 144Hz so I find the on-screen smoothness amazing. 1ms Fast Response Time – Eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates with 1ms response time. I have a 144 Hz monitor and Opera's UI feels unresponsive compared to other native Windows applications. Not every gaming monitor comes with VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification. IIRC a 60fps video on a 144hz monitor will pretty much display some frames multiple times in order to match the 144hz refresh rate. RTX 2070. - Set monitor to 60hz (monitor set to anything other than 60hz will cause stuttering and lag) maybe my g-sync is kicking in and helping because it definitely doesn't feel like 60hz when gaming for me. Playing that game at 144hz makes it feel incredibly real, even if its blocky and pixilated, the movements are incredibly organic and the camera turning feels like a head turning rather than spinning around on Google Maps. 16GB RAM. I've been using it to game ever since I had it and I just discovered yesterday that No, I still have the same problem, it becomes all choppy and unplayable. Sep 02, 2018 · How to fix OBS lag with 144Hz monitor! [2018] 1440p,144hz Monitor with 60 FPS Capture Card Best Streamlabs OBS Stream Settings 2019 1080p/60 FPS No Lag - Duration: 15:34. I struggled getting back used to it again and went back to 165hz. i5 6600k 3. And Quake. 5ghz that 0. 1 Speakers Monitor: Dell S2716DG 2560x1440 @144Hz G-Sync calibrated with ColorMunki Display Keyboard: HP Omen 1100 Mouse Mar 16, 2019 · Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. I tried 3 different display port cables and 2 different dvi cables all resulting in the same thing. When starting up FM7 i was really excited to see it run at 144Hz, but i came across a really annoying factor, Mar 19, 2015 · When i bought my PC and installed a windows 8. It doesn't matter if i try to max out games or play them on lowest lowest i can, i still have the choppy feeling even though i'm at 60 fps. That said, in For many PC gamers, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is the next logical step up from the excellent GTX 970. anyone with a good rig needs a proper gaming monitor IMO or You get FPS capped at the refresh rate of the monitor, a very stable picture, but fast movement feels choppy. 5second fps drop from 60fps Honestly, I hope the NX has 120hz support. Holy shit. Lower FPS will result in a choppy “non-smooth” game play. Game runs fine with Gsync disabled but frame time is crap and game feels choppy compared to Dx12 + Gsync. Running a 144hz monitor, but changing the resolution down then back up fixes it for a minute or two but it goes right back At first I noticed nothing and that was because I did not change my system settings in windows, it was making my 144 run on 60hz After that I spent just over a year and very happy. Obviously on a 60hz monitor if you're constantly at 60fps it'll feel consistent. I had to stop playing. From cheap entry-level gaming PC builds all the way up to the craziest enthusiast grade builds, we have them all! Whether you’re choosing hardware to build your first gaming PC or you’re upgrading to a new keyboard and mouse, there’s always an 30 fps is fine on any controller with thumbsticks60fps is betterand acceptable for a mouse, yet 30fps feels extremely weird and delayed in comparison to a controller60fps is not fine for head/orientation tracking and movement in VR. Jun 07, 2016 · The reason why 120 or 144 Hz feels smoother and less choppy than 60Hz (even at 60 fps) is because you have twice or more the "space or windows of opportunity" to display the image. At 1080p max, performance dropped to 70-80 fps, with minimums closer to 60fps. YouTube Doubles Its Frame Rate (And Here’s Why You Should Care) Once you tip below 30FPS, a game feels choppy. You get FPS capped at the computer's ability to render it, but you get frames being swapped out while the image is partially rendered (aka "tearing"), but fast movement feels smoother. Around 6 months back I have purchased a BenQ XL2720Z which is a 1080p 144hz monitor. Apr 24, 2016 · Your question is a bit vague but I'll try answer both sides to the best of my ability. Click to expand I highly doubt any AAA game asks you to send 100 packets per second. While most games won't run at 120fps, if they put an NVidia GPU in there like the rumors Also I am using a BenQ XL2411T 144Hz monitor. Also I have disabled V-sync to get full use of my monitor. If I play using it, Steam will say it's running at 60fps but it looks very laggy and  22 Jul 2018 If a game can't maintain 60fps, try running it at 30fps. choppy - focus on that red metal thing A subtle effect will be 120fps on a 144Hz monitor, which can be quite hard to tell. Im not sure if i am missing some kind of setting that i need to change to allow the screen not to look like its lagging even in 60fps. If you have a 144hz display, you don't want to go lower. 6 Feb 2019 with screen tearing I would still feel the 100 fps now it feels completely unplayable in some games. 120fps@120Hz or 144fps@144Hz] baseline - 60 Hz mode (16. exe. Input Lag Tests for LG 2019 OLED & LED TVs (B9, C9, SM) Database Updates. Windowed and Border-less modes will make use of your Desktop's refresh rate. -Fluctuates and if feels very choppy even though in only ranges from 120-140 while everyone is loading into the game. Not a night and day difference, but it is there and  Fps shows its 200-250 but doesnt feel like it at all but now every day in every game like in fortnite, pubg csgo my fps is high but doest feel like it at all for an example in csgo i have locked my Those fps for a GTX 950 are impressive You are only SEEING 60fps due to 60Hz. com Even if I put the NVidia driver back on my PC just to play games I wouldn't enjoy them anyways with the way the NVidia driver handles ANY games. 7:30. Question by IceEnry__lol · Apr 06, 2017 at 10:15 PM · fpslagstutterlaggy. A similar thing happened when Overwatch reset the graphics settings and set a max framerate to 70fps for some reason. tried capping the fps to 120 on bf1 and titanfall 2 both games are on high After moving to 144hz, 144fps seemed normal to me (felt same way when I was 60hz 60fps for a long time) but now if I moved to 60hz it just feels laggy. Go to Manage 3D Settings. When i'm streaming I put OBS onto my other monitor and I see that i get a stable 60FPS with no frames drops and the green box is green. In some games I do not achieve 144hz, so I tried to change my refresh rate to 60hz but when I play the game it feels so laggy even though I  9 Feb 2018 Say if I am playing the witcher 3 on a 144hz monitor, should I cap the game to 60fps (because I know I can pump out 60fps all the time) or should I leave it  27 Jul 2019 Also u will not be getting full advantage of 144hz refresh rate , obviously ur goal monitor and cap my FPS to 60 would it feel choppy or smoother than 60 FPS? 29 Feb 2020 When I play games it feels like it's laggy even though the fps counter reports more of a minecraft skywars gameplay with the fps on top recorded at 60fps. also in overwatch you can cap your FPS to the monitors effective refresh rate and it tends to stay around 144hz for me if that was the case my FPS would drop to 60 Vsync is Locking the Game to 60 FPS on 144hz Monitor When I enable Vsync, it's locking the game to 60 fps and 60hz on my 144hz monitor, which really sucks since it's making the game feels choppy. While not as powerful as the beefy Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, it still offers significant gains over its lesser sibling, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 , providing a smoother, more flexible gaming experience at both 1080p and 1440p alike, and even I bought a new pc some months ago, at first it was all normal but recently minecraft started to feel not smooth, i do 100-200 fps but it feels like playing with 40, I tried to: - Uninstall minecraft and delete . GTA V feels so much cleaner and smoother at 60fps (PC) than it is in 30fps (console). a video at 30fps played at 30 with a form of sync will look identical to a video at 60fps played at 60. But to me so is 100-144hz. At the moment I'm a console only player and every game on it that has a stable 60 fps feels like a massage to my eyes. CPU and GPU usage never above 50% but after an hour I have unplayable stuttering every 3-4 seconds. My BenQXL2730z has input lag at 144hz but not at 120hz. a video at 30fps played at 60 will predictably look significantly more choppy than a video at 60fps played at 60. It's just that the game is meant to be played on more than 60fps and it feels sluggish when the frames drop low. I find with a controller around 85hz and you struggle seeing much difference above that. I play CS:GO at 1080p high with usually 180-200fps and it feels just like going from 30 to 60. 1440p monitors are nice if you're into photo/video editing or are playing slower-paced games e. Let me know if this helps you or if you have any other tricks! Twitch I recently got a 144hz monitor and decided to try out streaming again. 7ms continuously-shining frame) 50% less motion blur (2x clearer) - 120 Hz mode If you talk to any competitive gamers (LoL, Dota, Quake, CSGO, R6 Siege, Overwatch etc), everyone will say that the best upgrade you can make to your setup is a 144Hz monitor. MSI's GS65 Stealth delivers better-than-60fps gaming performance and a premium, portable build with long battery life. After using 120/144hz monitors for a while 60 fps without motion blur doesn't feel smooth at all. 3. Find your perfect screen with Overclockers UK. You don't get anything higher than 30 FPS or 60 FPS in Xbox one or ps4 games. All ran buttery smooth with a GTX 970 and i5-3570k. If I bring my frame rate cap to 120 fps I will occasionally see some light stuttering. Give it a go for a week or so and see if you dont see a dramatic change to how the game plays because you are used to the game being choppy and when it doesnt happen it feels weird. And it makes 60fps look so sluggish by comparison when you switch back to normal gameplay. awaiting next drivers. Also u will not be getting full advantage of 144hz refresh rate , obviously ur goal should be get a high end GPU . Database Updates. When running games with vsync off they looks terrible. Oct 07, 2015 · Some games feel just fine with 30fps, but others feel choppy at that framerate; this is due to, from what little I know about renderers, the use of GetTickCount() in the renderer. Some games  Whenever spotify is focused the frame rate goes down from 144Hz to App is still choppy, but my mouse movements are definitely at 144 Hz. I can also play the same game at 1440p 60fps but IMO I liked the 144fps more. Players changing directions feels less sudden for example. 30 per second is stretching it but I can believe that depending on the circumstance. Sep 06, 2017 · EDIT: I did some quick experiments with my system. No it won't. After what seems like an age of alpha, beta Nov 22, 2018 · The RX 580 beats the GTX 1060 as the top mainstream GPU, but AMD loses out to Intel in the processor war. May 07, 2018 · I've been watching some streamers play, most notably itsmeJP who has the best PC money can buy (SLI GTX 1080ti / i7 6800K) and he cannot maintain even 60fps (which is the minimum these days with 120Hz and especially 144Hz becoming so popular), I've seen him drop as low as 24fps and in general he's sitting around 35 - 45fps which is really awful considering his hardware. 5, Refresh Rate 144Hz, G-Sync HDR, 4ms Response Time, Contrast Ratio , Panel Type VA, BFGD, Quantum Dot, HDR1000. Database Updates • Monitors. You also get over it pretty quick so 30fps console games don't Feb 29, 2020 · However, running my games at high fps isn't the problem for me as they feel way better than say locking my fps to 75 or 100. I seriously doubt there are lots of people who are going to want to under-clock the game because 30fps “feels better”. Higher than 60 brings nothing but improvement for even a mouse, let alone anything VR related. While PUBG is no longer classified as an Early Access title on Steam, there are still kinks that need ironing. 1 for the first time games worked perfect vsync on or off. [EDIT: These numbers applies only at fps=Hz operation, e. I'm using Opera 43 on Windows 10. This will also have a major impact on how the game looks and can help you see enemies more clear in otherwise shadowy areas. One with a VG248QE 144hz (without g-sync) running lightboost hack @ 120hz (using the NVidia driver). You should watch this: It is a fact that most people see a noticeable difference in their performance going from 60Hz to 144Hz. 60fps CAPPED games running at 144hz stutters and plays like ---- compared to 60fps/60hz. Q: It's not just a visual difference, it's a mouse response/feel difference. Dec 28, 2017 · I used to have a 1080p 60hz setup and both streamed/recorded on OBS studio with no issues at all. What it really needs is the ability to manually force which GPU's you want to use (and even better have some options). 60FPS is something I've wanted and have been asking for since UFC1. Hey Gamers: Input Lag Tests for Samsung 2019 TVs (Q60R, Q70R, Q80R, Q90R > The 60 fps mark isn't really latency related. Started experimenting with different frame caps and refresh rates and found and interesting solution. It felt so choppy (partly because OW uses absolutely input lag). you might find you get slightly better input response but no, there is basically no point from an FPS perspective. my specs - asus pg279q, gtx 1080, i7 6700k, 500 ssd samsung evo and 16 gb. Looking at 60fps is pretty horrible, 30fps just means turn your computer out and throw it away. The difference with 144Hz-300fps and 60Hz-300fps is that on 144Hz you can SEE those extra fps. On the other hand, playing on 144hz and 70fps seems okay. View Full Version : Good fps but choppy feel. Mar 26, 2020 · Game Stuttering is a very common problem that can be faced by anyone, even if you have a high-end PC with a powerful graphics card, processor, tons of RAM, and equipped with all the latest gaming hardware. You can cap midgame in any quake based 60FPS is something I've wanted and have been asking for since UFC1. Please help! Specs are Ryzen 5 3600. -144hz and G-Sync are an incredible pair. Nov 10, 2015 · 60 FPS but it's choppy? I'm getting 57-60 FPS yet it seems oddly not smooth, is anyone else getting a similar problem? My monitor refreshes at 60hz so I'm a bit confused. 30 fps is fine on any controller with thumbsticks60fps is betterand acceptable for a mouse, yet 30fps feels extremely weird and delayed in comparison to a controller60fps is not fine for head/orientation tracking and movement in VR. Dec 04, 2018 · A house-brand laptop from a giant retailer may conjure certain assumptions, and the Overpowered Gaming Laptop 17+ ($1,699 as tested) meets some and exceeds others. For example i would rather play ac orogins on pc at 50-60fps than lock it at 4k30 because it feels slow and choppy. 60FPS but the game seems lagging. All in all I have 2 computer setups here. minecraft - Dedicate more ram to minecraft - Changing version of minecraft I bought a new pc some months ago, at first it was all normal but recently minecraft started to feel not smooth, i do 100-200 fps but it feels like playing with 40, I tried to: - Uninstall minecraft and delete . minecraft - Dedicate more ram to minecraft - Changing version of minecraft May 24, 2018 · It feels like black magic is required to get it all working, and even then it stutters and jitters - and I have tried everything. Mar 23, 2017 · Nier: Automata launched last week, and while it’s been well-received in many ways, the technical side of things does leave a bit to be desired. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ASUS PG348Q ROG SWIFT Curved 34 Inch UWQHD (3440 x 1440) Gaming Monitor, IPS, Up to 100 Hz, DP, HDMI, USB3. ASUS TUF Gaming Monitors bring ELMB Sync: VRR with Reduced Blur. Perhaps it's something wrong on your end, where the framerate keeps jittering between 60FPS and something in the hundreds (causing the screen to magically become laggy-looking for no discernible reason)? That happened to me I'm in a decision dilemma I have a 4k 60hz with G-sync atm being powered by a i7-7700k and a GTX 1080's in SLI (Note i've never experience above 60hz so i have no clue) I was wondering if i should get a ultrawide or something at 1440p 144hz for smoother motions and such since something is really bothering me while i am raiding and playing overall while the quality is AMAZING the smoothness Wait wait ! So if my monitor is 60 hz is there a point to cranking my fps higher than 60 ? This is news to me. Jul 11, 2014 · 60FPS feels just like any other 60FPS game to me. 1 on SSD. thew weird part is that i get high fps on bf1 around 115-150 and on titanfall 2 around 110-144. No need to fiddle with buttons. If that works then we can go from there. Edit: I had a play and I agree something is. Then i got my HDD (Had SSD only before) and reinstalled windows 8. Common tell-tale sign is your mouse feels "floaty" in games. I obviously couldn't max out MGSV @100+fps. 3" Full HD Display, 16GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD, VR Ready at Walmart. Very strange, might be a firmware problem, but I saw someone on reddit had the same problem. Jul 23, 2015 · The game starts to become choppy and not smooth and that has been a consistent problem since i started playing sc2 back in 2011 with different rigs. I get about 40fps but the game feels sluggish If you're usually running at only 60fps, LightBoost isn't worth it (doesn't look smoother); running 60fps@120Hz feels more like 30fps@60Hz due to the CRT style double-image effect. 60fps feels choppy on 144hz

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