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Arabie Environmental has extensive experience in conducting environmental investigations at a variety of sites/facilities involving various constituents of concern.  We have conducted investigations on project sites ranging from less than one acre in size to 40,000 acres.  Our site investigations have included such activities as terrain conductivity surveys, cone penetrometer and conductivity probe surveys, soil boring and sampling, groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling, surface water and surface soil sampling, and sediment sampling of ponds and waterways.

We have conducted investigations in several regions of Louisiana and evaluated potential impacts to major aquifers such as the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer, the Red River Alluvial Aquifer, and the Chicot Aquifer.  Below is a list of specific tasks performed in conjunction with environmental investigations.

  • Preparation of environmental investigation plans;
  • Submittal of investigation plans for regulatory approval if necessary;
  • Regulatory agency file review;
  • Aerial photography review;
  • Site inspection;
  • Terrain conductivity survey;
  • Cone penetrometer survey;
  • Conductivity probe survey;Surface soil and surface water sampling;
  • Installation of soil borings, sampling and field evaluation of soil core samples;
  • Installation of ground water monitoring wells;
  • Development, purging, and sampling monitoring wells;
  • Aquifer testing, such as slug test or pump test;
  • Review, tabulate, evaluate laboratory analytical data;
  • Preparation of investigation report, including description of work, description of findings, figures depicting contaminant locations and concentrations ; and Meeting with regulators and others to present investigation findings

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