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The staff at Arabie Environmental has extensive experience in site remediation.  This experience began in the early 1980’s with implementation of contaminated soil excavation and groundwater recovery at a waste disposal facility.  Our experience has included the assessment of contaminated sites, the preparation of remediation plans, the submittal of remediation plans to regulatory agencies, and the implementation of those plans.  Remediation plans have included traditional excavation/off site disposal, groundwater recovery and treatment, and passive groundwater remediation. Arabie Environmental has provided engineering oversite and certification of site closure and remediation activities.

The services that Arabie Environmental can provide relative to sites potentially requiring remediation include:

  • Collection and Evaluation of Necessary Data
  • Evaluation of Cost-Effectiveness of Options
  • Assistance at Meetings with Regulators and Public Hearings
  • Risk Assessment/Corrective Action Program (RECAP Evaluations)
  • Ranking of Alternatives
  • Identification of Remedial Options
  • Development of Remedial Goals (ARARS)
  • Negotiations with Regulators
  • Preparation of Regulatory Documents/Reports
  • Implement remediation
  • Engineer oversite and certification

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