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Permit and Regulatory Requirements



Arabie Environmental has prepared numerous permit applications, permit modifications, and plans and procedures as required by regulatory agencies.  These services have been provided to industrial facilities, commercial and residential property developers, ports, airports, and other facilities. Permit applications prepared by Arabie Environmental have included those for air emissions, water discharges, wetland development, dredging, waste injection wells and solid waste landfills.

  • Preparation of Plans and Procedures
  • Spill Plans
  • Inspection Plans
  • Clean-up/Closure Plan
  • Sampling Plans (Ground and Surface Water, Soils)
  • Annual Reports (Hazardous Waste, Ground Water)
  • Assistance in Public Hearings and Meetings with Regulators
  • Sampling
  • Ground Water
  • Surface Water
  • Soils
  • Sediments
  • RCRA Permits
  • Wetlands Disturbance Permits
  • Management of Waste Disposal Projects
  • SARA Title III Reporting
  • Negotiations with Regulators
  • Quarterly Statistical Analyses (RCRA)
  • Responses to Compliance Orders, Notices of Deficiencies
  • Compliance Monitoring and Inspections
  • Storm Water/Outfall Sampling and Reporting (DMRs)

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