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Austin R. Arabie



McNeese State University, M.S., Environmental Science, 1973
McNeese State University, B.S., Animal Science, 1971


1999 – Date President, Arabie Environmental Solutions, Inc. (Formerly Triegel & Associates, Inc.)
1989 - 1999 Vice-President, Triegel & Associates, Inc. (LA Office)
1980 - 1989 Vice-President, CECOS International:  District Manager (1984-89), Site Manager (1983-84), Technical Manager (1980-83)
1979 - 1980 Hazardous Waste Specialist, LA Dept. of Environmental Quality
1978 - 1979 Assistant Director of Environmental Control, Parsons-Gilbane
1973 - 1978 Quality Control Laboratory Supervisor, Standard Brands, Inc.


  • Southwest Louisiana Chamber of Commerce Environmental Affairs Committee, (Committee chairman, 1992 to 1995)
  • Calcasieu Parish Solid Waste Recycling Advisory Committee, ( Subcommittee Chairman (1992)
  • LA Environmental Health Association, (Former President and Board Member)
  • National Environmental Health Association
  • LA Air and Waste Management Association
  • LA Water Environment Association
  • LA Forestry Association
  • Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers
  • Forest Landowners Association
  • Society for Ecological Restoration
  • Society of  Wetland Scientists


Mr. Arabie has over thirty-five years of experience including environmental regulations, environmental monitoring and testing, quality control laboratory management, hazardous waste management, contaminated site assessment and remediation, and environmental project management.  His employment background includes regulatory agencies, an engineering firm, a manufacturing facility, a waste management firm, and an environmental consulting and engineering firm.

As the owner and manager of an environmental consulting and engineering firm for over 20 years, Mr. Arabie has directed and managed numerous environmental projects including environmental permitting, environmental assessments and investigations, contaminated site remediation, wetlands delineation and permitting, ecological restoration, and waste management facility closures.

Mr. Arabie's experience includes hazardous waste transportation and disposal operations, the implementation of environmental monitoring networks, and the installation and operation of groundwater recovery systems.  This experience included conducting compliance inspections of hazardous waste management facilities for the State of Louisiana, followed by various management roles at a commercial hazardous waste disposal facility.

Through his work for industry, regulatory agencies, the commercial waste disposal industry, and consulting, Mr. Arabie has gained extensive experience in the preparation of permit applications, including RCRA Part A’s, RCRA Part B’s, NPDES, Air Emissions, Underground Injection Control, a No Migration Petition of an injection well, Solid Waste Landfills, and Corps of Engineers Section 404 Wetland Permit Applications.

ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND REMEDIAL ACTIONS: Throughout his 35 plus year career, Mr. Arabie has been directly involved in environmental monitoring and has over 30 years experience with remediation activities.  He has conducted and overseen sampling of surface and subsurface soils, surface water, sediments, groundwater, and water discharge effluent.  He has prepared work plans for environmental investigations, including the collection, preservation, and shipment of environmental samples.  He has supervised numerous geological and groundwater investigations including drilling operations, the installation of monitor wells and recovery wells, aquifer testing, and preparation of groundwater assessments.

Mr. Arabie has supervised remedial actions and closure activities, prepared closure plans, reviewed contractor proposals and bids, and prepared work plans to ensure regulatory compliance.  He has implemented activities to dewater impoundments, clean up on-site spills, solidify wastes, excavate pits and contaminated soils, operate filter presses, and recover and treat contaminated groundwater (including the installation of wells, pumps, timing devices, flow meters, piping, treatment equipment, and discharge systems).

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: As manager of the Calcasieu District for CECOS International (subsidiary of Browning-Ferris Industries), Mr. Arabie was responsible for compliance with all aspects of the hazardous waste (RCRA) regulations and all other applicable regulations (e.g., DOT, OSHA, NPDES requirements).  The operations of the Calcasieu District included secure landfills, a hazardous waste injection well, and hazardous waste transportation services.  He was also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility, the preparation of reports required by regulatory agencies, the implementation of environmental monitoring and groundwater recovery systems, and the health and safety training of site personnel.

While working in the hazardous waste disposal industry, Mr. Arabie prepared various facility plans such as Inspection Plans, Health/Safety/Training Plans, Preparedness and Prevention, Closure/Post-Closure Plans and Cost Estimates, Groundwater Monitoring, and Waste Analysis Plans.  As an environmental consultant, he has assisted and advised numerous clients on environmental compliance issues and has dealt with environmental regulations related to hazardous and solid waste, water discharges, soil contamination, , groundwater contamination, and wetlands.

In conjunction with waste disposal operations, Mr. Arabie managed operations related to the land filling and deep well injection of hazardous wastes.  Responsibilities included ensuring proper operation to control odors, maintain daily cover, and track on-site movement and final disposition of wastes; construction-related requirements (liner construction, compaction, and geotechnical control of the operation); operation of heavy equipment; and operation and maintenance of the deep well injection facilities.   He was responsible for several injection well workovers, including packer and tubing replacements, a recompletion, and associated well testing (e.g. cement bond logs, caliper surveys, radioactive tracer surveys, mechanical integrity tests, and various open hole and closed hole logs).

Through his work with the DOE’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Mr. Arabie became involved in environmental considerations associated with storage of hydrocarbons in salt dome caverns; solution mining operations; drilling operations; brine, drilling mud, and cuttings disposal; pipeline construction; and oil spill clean-up procedures.

EXPERIENCE WITH REGULATORS AND THE PUBLIC: Mr. Arabie acted as a spokesman for a commercial hazardous waste facility, dealing with local citizen’s groups, media personnel, and government officials.  He has testified at a number of public hearings and made public presentations regarding site activities.

Mr. Arabie has extensive experience with the regulatory community, in negotiations, site inspections, settlement proceedings, and (while an employee of the LDEQ) as an inspector of plants and facilities generating, transporting, or disposing of hazardous waste to ensure regulatory compliance.  He has dealt with the LDEQ, the US EPA (Region VI and NEIC), the Corps of Engineers, and Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR) Office of Conservation, and Coastal Management Division.

LITIGATION AND EXPERT TESTIMONY: Mr. Arabie has conducted investigations and prepared plans and reports in support of litigation and has testified in hearings and trials.  He has qualified as an expert in State Court, Federal Court, and before the Office of Conservation.  He has qualified as an expert in the assessment and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, regulatory compliance in Order 29-B, movement of groundwater and contaminated groundwater,  the operation of underground injection wells, hazardous waste management, hazardous waste site operations, wetland delineations, and wetland permitting.

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