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C. Blaine Johnson, P. E.



B.S., Civil Engineering, McNeese State University, 1984


1999-Date    Senior Engineer, Arabie Environmental Solutions, Inc.
(Formerly Triegel & Associates, Inc.)
1996-1999    Senior Engineer, Triegel & Associates, Inc.  (LA Office)
1995-1996    Senior Project Manager, RETEC Inc., Lake Charles, LA
1991-1995    Senior Engineer, Radian Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA
1987-1991    Project Manager, IT Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA
1985-1987    Project Engineer, Trinity Engineering Testing Corporation, Dallas, TX


  • Registered Professional Engineer in Louisiana and Arkansas
  • Louisiana Engineering Society
  • Louisiana Air and Waste Management Association
  • Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance


Mr. Johnson has over twenty five years experience as a Project Manager/Engineer having performed project work on various environmental projects including civil and geotechnical design, subsurface remediation, regulatory permitting, and surface and subsurface investigations.  He is experienced in projects dealing with engineering investigation, design, construction, closure, and remediation of hazardous and solid waste manage¬ment facilities, which are regu¬lated by the pertaining HSWA, RCRA, and CERCLA requirements.  Mr. Johnson is experienced with the engineering and permitting proce¬dures in preparation of hazardous and solid waste applications for existing facilities as well as Post-Closure permits for treat¬ment, disposal, and storage facilities which are in operation and are being closed.  He has technical experience in the operation and maintenance of groundwater/non-aqueous phase liquids/leachate recovery and treatment systems.  He is able to provide the project management, technical applications, and regulatory interaction pertinent for the performance of these types of projects.  Mr. Johnson has provided Project Manager and Engineer services required in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for various projects in the Gulf Coast Region.


Preparation and development of RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) strategy and workplan and current condition documents for clients in Louisiana and Arkansas.

Preparation of certification reports for various treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (surface impoundments, tanks, landfills), to verify compliance with RCRA, and other state and local regulations.

Preparation of hazardous waste permit applications (Part A and Part B) and post-closure care permits applications, including providing technical review and regulatory interaction on behalf of the clients in Louisiana and Arkansas.

Preparation, review, and certification of permit applications for solid waste disposal facilities, stormwater discharge permit applications for various commercial and industrial clients, and air permit and renewal applications for solid waste facilities and chemical manufacturing facilities.

Preparation of numerous Section 404/10 Wetland Permit Applications and provided project management and regulatory interaction with the US Army Corps of Engineers and other programmatic agencies and entities participating in the Wetland Permitting process.

Project Manager and Engineer for engineering and construction projects in Louisiana that entailed the performance of services required to provide the documentation necessary for Environmental Assessment and/or Categorical Exclusion in accordance with the NEPA, LADOTD, and FHWA regulations and guidelines.  He has also served as the Project Manager and Engineer for projects entailing data gathering, compilation, and documentation preparation of NEPA required EA’s for multiple sites in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Florida.


Project Manager for the design, implementation, and operation and maintenance of corrective action plans for various underground storage tank projects.  This included regulatory agency negotiation and recommendations prior to commencement of the corrective actions.  Corrective actions that were implemented include the recovery and treatment of dissolved and free-phase petroleum hydrocarbons in soils and groundwater due to petroleum fuel releases.  Other remediation techniques included source removal by excavation, in-situ treatment via introduction of contaminant reduction compounds, and engineering controls to prevent migration and infiltration of materials throughout the affected areas.

Evaluation, design, implementation, and third party oversight of remedial actions and retrofits of RCRA hazardous wastes units in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Project Manager for the installation and operation/maintenance of a groundwater recovery system.  This recovery system was designed to separately recover impacted groundwater and free-phase chlorinated solvent (DNAPL) while maintaining hydraulic containment of the site through the use of a dual pump system.  The system has recovered over 25,000 gallons of DNAPL product.

Remedial design and permitting for the closure of several surface im¬poundments, and solid waste landfills (in accordance with RCRA) in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Implementation of construction quality assurance activities and subsequent certification of closure reports for surface impoundments and landfills in Louisi¬ana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Design of the expansion and partial closure of an existing hazardous waste landfill in Mississippi.

Development of design alternatives, prepared construction and post closure cost estimates for the eventual technical design for a hazardous waste landfill in southern Arkansas.

Responsible for quality assurance activities of a dual pond closure and remediation in south Louisiana which included documentation, inspections, field testing and verification of various remediation and construction activities.  These closure and remediation activities included steam stripping and centrifuging of pond sludges, placement of remediated materials, and installation of the final cover system.


Management and participation of investigations of various sites including petroleum fuel service stations, commercial businesses, and industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Management and participation of investigations pertaining to surface releases and subsurface migration of various chemicals (chlorinated and brominated organics, and other compounds) at several sites in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  The investigations were performed as pre-RFI activities under the corrective measures program or were used as part of the program after investigation activities were initiated.    

Response to a spill of a chlorinated solvent (DNAPL) from an underground pipeline into nearby ditches.  The scope of work entailed the installation of borings and monitoring wells which were used to monitor the groundwater flow direction and gradient, refine hydraulic coefficients based on aquifer testing, define stratigraphy at the site, and delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of the release.  Bioassay samples were collected and it was determined that naturally-occurring microorganisms were present.  The regulatory agency was convinced that in selected aquifers, the contaminant was “self-remediating” and that no actions were warranted other than monitoring the decline in concentrations of the contaminant.

Management and performance of several Phase I and II property transfer site assessments for industrial and commercial clients.  These assessments of various exploration and production facilities, oil and gas gathering and refining facilities, and chemical facilities were used to identify possible environmental liabilities for buyer, lenders, and sellers.

Participated in the report preparation and field investigation phases of a multi-location real estate transfer/site assessment project determining the environmental liabilities due to the presence of on-site underground storage tanks.

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