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Chad W. Cary



McNeese State University, B.S., Environmental Science, 2000


05/00-Date Environmental Scientist, Arabie Environmental Solutions, Inc.
02/00-05/00 Environmental Co-op, CONDEA Vista


  • OSHA 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER) Training
  • Southwest Safety Council Training
  • PPG Site Specific Safety Training


Mr. Cary has over seven years experience in a broad range of environmental projects, which include environmental sampling, environmental site assessments, permit applications, environmental remediation treatment systems operation and maintenance, and waste management.

Mr. Cary has performed numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in accordance with the ASTM standards for real estate transactions.  These Phase I ESA's have been performed in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  Mr. Cary has also performed several site assessments and prepared reports for Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tower and structures according to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidelines.

Mr. Cary has extensive experience with the performance of Phase II ESA’s, which have included assessments of soil, sediment, surface water, storm water, and groundwater.  Mr. Cary has performed sampling of these media on non-developed, commercial, light industrial, and heavy industrial properties.  Mr. Cary has supervised and/or performed various methods of soil collection and has processed soil samples associated with each type of collection method.  Mr. Cary has also performed various soil-vapor studies, which have included the use of vacuum-air canisters and methane detection meters.

Mr. Cary has performed activities associated with estuary evaluation.  He has performed operation and maintenance activities and data handling associated with the SonTek® Argonaut Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meter, which is used to record directional stream flow.  He has performed sampling methods associated with sediment evaluation including piston core, benthic sediment bottom samplers, as well as installation, removal, and processing of multi-chambered sediment settling traps.

Mr. Cary has also overseen installation of groundwater monitor wells and has extensive knowledge of development, sampling, and plug and abandonment of such wells.  Mr. Cary has performed aquifer tests, including slug tests and pumping tests, utilizing various data logging instrumentation.  He also has experience with operations and maintenance of dual phase groundwater/soil vapor extraction remediation systems and other groundwater remediation/recovery systems.  Mr. Cary has assisted in the maintenance and operation of a large groundwater monitoring and recovery system at an industrial facility.  He has experience with management and handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, such as profiling and coordination of waste removal.

Mr. Cary has prepared National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)/Louisiana Pollution Discharge Elimination System (LPDES) permit applications.  He has experience with sampling of waste water and storm water discharges associated with such LPDES permits, and preparation of discharge monitoring reports (DMR's).

Mr. Cary has performed storm water sampling involving the use of storm/waste water auto sampling equipment and is familiar with the programming and operation of this type of instrumentation and associated accessories.  Mr. Cary has performed extensive use with the auto sampling software, which is used to evaluate data recorded by the automatic sampling equipment.

Mr. Cary has performed and documented Health and Safety Monitoring and is familiar with the operation of Organic Vapor Analyzers.  He also has performed several monitoring tasks using gas detection pumps and detector tubes.

Mr. Cary has assisted in several wetland delineations in accordance with the procedures and methods as described in the U.S. Department of Army Corps of Engineers 1987 Manual for Wetland Delineations.  Mr. Cary also has experience with the preparation of Section 404 Wetland Permit Applications.


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