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Jared R. King



McNeese State University, B.S., Environmental Science, December 2004


07/03-Date      Environmental Scientist, Arabie Environmental Solutions, Inc.
01/03-07/03    Environmental Co-op, Sasol North America


  • Southwest Safety Council Training
  • PPG Site Specific Safety Training
  • Lyondell Site Specific Safety Training
  • OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training
  • RCRA Hazardous Waste Training
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
  • Certified Stormwater Inspector


Mr. King has seven years experience in environmental projects including environmental sampling, permit applications, and maintenance and monitoring of several groundwater remediation systems.

While working at Arabie Environmental Solutions, Mr. King has worked on several environmental projects.  For the past six years, Mr. King has performed RCRA compliance inspections and has operated a groundwater recovery system at a local industrial facility.  He has collected stormwater samples for this facility.  He has also inspected and monitor leachate for a hazardous waste landfill.

Mr. King has worked on the installation of soil boring and groundwater monitoring wells.  He has performed sampling and development of groundwater monitoring wells including low-flow purging and sampling.  He has collected stormwater samples for various industrial and commercial facilities. He has been involved maintenance and outfall monitoring of several recovery systems and has prepared discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) for these outfalls.  He has also worked on groundwater monitoring reports for commercial and industrial facilities.  He is also proficient with integration and mapping of Global Position System (GPS) data into Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software.

Mr. King has worked on several Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  He has prepared checklists for FCC towers and structures and historical reports in accordance with the National Environmental Protection Act guidelines.  He was worked on Army Corps of Engineers Permit Applications, Coastal Use Permit Application, and assisted in wetland delineations.  He has performed field activities associated with installation, removal, and processing of sediment traps as part of an estuary evaluation.  Mr. King has also assisted engineers with the preparation and submittal of Solid Waste Permit Application to the LDEQ.

Mr. King has assisted in the maintenance and operation of a large groundwater monitoring and recovery system at an industrial facility.  He has been involved in the shut down and start up of the recovery system, removal, reinstalling, and jetting of recovery wells as part of maintenance activities.  He has performed troubleshooting and repaired on pneumatic pumps and controllers.  Mr. King has repaired submersible electric pumps, motors, and motor leads.  He has maintained transfer lines on the recovery systems and performed sampling of the recovery wells, monitoring wells, collection tanks, and transfer headers.

While working as a co-op, Mr. King has assisted in environmental projects and environmental incident investigations. He has performed weekly hazardous waste inspections and assisted with hazardous waste profiling and shipments. He has assisted engineers in air compliance permitting and calculating emissions for production units.  He has performed groundwater sampling events and has coordinated maintenance activities on a groundwater recovery system.  During the groundwater sampling events, Mr. King has utilized low-flow purging and sampling techniques and equipment.

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