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Arabie Environmental provides numerous services for local petrochemical and chemical manufacturers.  These services include daily inspection and monitoring of these facilities as required by the clients’ environmental permits or operating procedures, operation and maintenance of facility groundwater recovery and treatment systems, coordination of waste documentation and disposition, and sampling of various media in support of such activities.  Arabie Environmental personnel currently collect LPDES Outfall samples, coordinate sample analysis, and prepare Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR’s) for several facilities. Our personnel have the experience and training to complete these activities in accordance with client and regulatory requirements.   Details of some of these activities performed by Arabie Environmental are listed as follows:

  • Daily operation of a multi-well groundwater recovery and treatment systems.  Includes routine maintenance and repairs of the systems; documentation of recovery rates and run-time; and support of client in the preparation of annual reporting to the regulatory authority.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and other periodic inspections of waste disposal facilities.  Information reported includes cover and slope characteristics; leachate accumulations; and levee integrity.
  • Coordination of waste accumulation and eventual off-site disposal of wastes generated during facility “turnaround” events.  Includes daily meetings during shifts changes; inspection of work and waste accumulation areas to ensure proper waste segregation, labeling, and containerization; and coordination with facility waste handling and off-site waste transportation and disposal personnel.
  • Sampling of various media in support of facility operations and permit requirements.  Includes sampling of recovery groundwater and non-aqueous phase liquids; storm water and permitted discharges at various outfall locations throughout the facilities; wastes collected in various containers; and soil and groundwater as required during remediation projects.
  • Support client in preparation for internal auditing.  Includes maintaining and organization of required documentation; acquisition of training to perform activities per the client’s requirements; and other support during the auditing process.


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