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Two-Element Beams A 2-element beam is useful where space or other considerations prevent the use of a three element, or larger, beam. 15 λ from the driven element, although some successful antennas have been built with 0. l-λ spacing and director tuning. 62 for the special case where the parasitic element is resonant. It is indicative of the performance to be expected under maximum-gain tuning conditions. Changing the tuning of the driven element in a Yagi or quad will not materially affect the gain or F/R.

The TH7 has approximately the same overall dimensions as a full-sized 3-element 20-m beam, but has more interlaced elements. Its equivalent loading is estimated to be 40 ft. 6 MHz, 65 ft of tower is needed without loading. Subtracting 40 ft of equivalent loading, the feedpoint should be 25 ft below the TH7 antenna. Ten quarter-wavelength (65-ft) radials were run from a nylon rope tied between tower legs at the 15-ft level, to various supports 10 ft high. Antenna Boom Length Equivalent Loading (feet) (feet) Nylon cord was tied to the insulated, stranded, 3L 20 24 39 #18 wire, without using insulators.

35 cases where the tower and beam antennas are not able to provide 1/4-λ resonance, portions of the top guy wires can be used as top-loading capacitance. Experiment with the guy-wire lengths (using the dip-meter technique) while determining the proper dimensions. 43. This system has the advantage of increased feed-point impedance. Furthermore, a Transmatch can be connected between the bottom of the drop wire and the ground system to permit operation on more than one band. For example, if the tower is resonant on 80 m, it can be used as shown on 160 and 40 m with reasonable results, even though it is not electrically long enough on 160.

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