Antarctic Oceanology I by Joseph L. (ed) Reid

By Joseph L. (ed) Reid

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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine Series.

The Antarctic waters offer one of many severe units of features for the world's oceans. Its waters are chilly, low in salinity, dense, and excessive in dissolved oxygen, and, even though related values might be present in the Norwegian Sea, it's the out-flow from the Antarctic that fills many of the deep ocean basins of the area. The interplay of those high-latitude waters with these having the features of tropical or North Atlantic waters has lengthy been one of many significant reports of oceanology, but merely within the previous couple of a long time have we been capable of start to acquire the ideal info.

Recent advancements, equivalent to the popularity of the idea that of continental flow and sea ground spreading, have made the antarctic areas as vital to geologists and geophysicists as to actual oceanographers and biologists.


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79 million years; in California [Bandy and Casey, 1969] this level is near the base of the Wheelerian Stage, which has previously been referred to the upper Plio­ cene there. , 1 9 6 7 ] . In view of the highly dis­ cordant radiometric dates obtained from this ash, and in view of its position in the zone where G. tosaensis gives rise to G. 8 million years, and that it should be correlative with the base of the Gilsa event in magnetic stratigraphy and the base of the Calabrian in the Italian section (Figure 1 5 ) .

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