Angels of Grace by Anselm Gruen

By Anselm Gruen

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Psychology tells us the fear of taking risks is connected with the lack of a father, so common in our society. Normally, the father is the one who gives us backbone, gives us courage to dare something or take a risk. If we do not have this positive experience of a father, our backbone will need support. So we lean upon an ideology or on what is regarded as normal. We play safe. We don't try any experiments. We do everything the same old way. We do not allow ourselves to think anything new, so we do not do anything different.

Everything has to be insured. We dare nothing without comprehensive security. This leads to greater and greater paralysis. We shall get out of the blind alley only if we take risks, if we dare to make mistakes. My wish for you is that the Angel of Risk may give you courage to be daring in your life and to risk new ways for yourself and the people around you. May the Angel of Risk strengthen your backbone and keep your back free, so that you are free to risk yourself and trust your inmost impulses, without constantly needing insurance and support.

So why renounce things? Today life is all about consuming as much as possible, getting as much pleasure as possible. Of course there are plenty of examples of people who have become unendurable because they have given up so much. But must renunciation always lead to an attitude of enmity to life? Renunciation means giving up a claim to something that belongs to me. The goal of renunciation is inner freedom. If you have to have everything you see you are totally dependent. You are not free. You are determined from the outside.

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