Ancient Egypt - Light Of The World, Volume 2 by Gerald Massey

By Gerald Massey

This is often half 2 of the Gerald Masseys paintings concerning the comparisons among the Judeo-Christian faith and the Egyptian faith. not anyone ever understood the mythology and formality of historical Egypt so good as Gerald Massey because the time of the traditional Philosophers of Egypt. This publication is without doubt one of the better of its sort and a must have for each scholar of Egyptian mythology and background.

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But it is the old universal tale: there came a deluge; the happy garden was submerged, and many sons and daughters of the gods were swept away” (Bancroft, Native Races, vol. III, p. 71). Inevitably, at times our earth gets substituted for the mound, the island, or the earth-heap piled as a fixture for foothold in the celestial waters. The mound of earth was followed by the pyramidion of brick, wood, or stone, the earliest figure of the tower that was built to reach the sky. Thus, when the flood of Noah came to an end, the tower of brick was raised by the survivors in the land of Shinar.

Thus an ark on the firmamental water in the shape of a cone, a figure that represents the pole, crowned with its star, is identical with the pile-dwelling of the 575 African lakes, and images the same mode of escape from the waters, according to the mythos and eschatology of the Egyptians, as does the primitive lake-dwelling of the Inner Africans. The earliest ark of Nnu, or heaven, is an enclosure in the water of the Nun; the latest is a paradise on piles; we might say seven piles or poles which are co-types with the seven mountains or seven pyramids.

Ch. 175, Budge). When the pole-star changed the bulwark would be overthrown, and the mistress of the waters would be charged with causing a catastrophe by which the “bulwarks” of her consort, who was Sut in the Egyptian astral mythos, were submerged. The blame, of course, in after-times, was laid upon the woman, that is when the woman had taken the place of the primitive zootype, such as the watercow or crocodile. In Amenta Ptah is the builder of the bulwark that was raised against the waters, or to keep out the Apap-reptile.

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