Anastasia at This Address by Lois Lowry

By Lois Lowry

To 13-year-old Anastasia Krupnik, this unmarried White Male from the journal personals part sounds excellent. and very, she's now not mendacity while she writes to assert she is tall, younger, hates smoking, has noticeable Casablanca such a lot of instances she will recite a few of it, is sort of convinced she would favor Caribbean holidays, and is well prepared for love. And later, while she writes to claim she owns a sloop and that she races sometimes, good, that's now not precisely a lie both. pressure and hilarity construct as Anastasia digs herself deeper into this embroilment. while SWM writes to assert he wish to meet her, it seems like the jig is ultimately up. How will our outspoken, fast-thinking, SWF get herself out of this mess?

Anastasia, the topic of many award-winning books through Lois Lowry, is an excellent smooth position version for women. Headstrong, autonomous, hot, and open, she manages to tug herself out of each one of many many predicaments she will get into. As she struggles with the altering emotions of youth, she keeps an outstanding, but practical, courting along with her mom and dad and younger brother.

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For me the situation is clearly humorous, and I find it hard not to imagine that it was meant to engender laughter in readers. ’’ The adults who wrote these comments share my reading. They seem to believe that child readers will share it also. The San Francisco Chronicle reviewer asserts that ‘‘Henry and his dog will delight any child,’’ but a child genuinely worried about Henry’s potential arrest would hardly be delighted. I am able to laugh at Henry’s situation because I see it di√erently from the way he does and can assess it more accurately than he does.

A less obvious one is that you are doomed as a child to keep on being childlike, which means that you will continue to try to act on your desires because you will always have less knowledge than the adults around you. Therefore, you must accept your dependence on wiser and more careful adults and their right to control your environment and manipulate your thinking for your own good. In discussing focalization earlier, I suggested that ‘‘The Purple Jar’’ left a space for readers to deny the superiority of adult wisdom over Rosamond’s childlike point of view.

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