Analysis of Dynamic Psychological Systems: Volume 2 Methods by Ralph L. Levine, Hiram E. Fitzgerald (auth.), Ralph L.

By Ralph L. Levine, Hiram E. Fitzgerald (auth.), Ralph L. Levine, Hiram E. Fitzgerald (eds.)

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Dem Verlag und meinem Kollegen, Herrn Prof. P. C. Kendall, danke ich herzlich fer den Vorschlag, eine neue Ausgabe der "Vektoranalysis" in deutscher Ubersetzung vorzubereiten. Bei dieser Gelegenheit wurden einige kleine Fehler und andere Unebenheiten im Originaltext geandert. Eine weitere Verbesserung ist das hinzugefugte Kapitel uber kartesische Tensoren.

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1982; Kenny, 1979, for presentation of the mathematics involved in deriving the normal equations). Operationalization of the Model At this stage, it is necessary to decide how one is going to measure the constructs in the model. As in all research it is important to select reliable, valid measures. In addition, one has the option of using a latent variable approach, a manifest variable approach, or a combination approach using both latent and manifest variables. In the latent variable approach, one selects multiple indicators or measures of each Structural Equations Analysis el----.

Econometric models. techniques. and applicotions. Englewood Cliffs. NJ: Prentice-Hall. James. L. R. (1980). The unmeasured variables problem in path analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology. 65. 415-421. James. 1. R.. & Jones. A. P. (1980). Perceived job characteristics and job satisfaction: An examination of reciprocal causation. Personnel Psychology. 33. 97-135. James. 1. R.. & Singh. B. K. (1978). An introduction to the logic. assumptions. and basic analytic procedures of two-stage least squares.

Taking account of time lags in causal models. Child Development. 58. 80-92. Hausman. J. A. (1977). Errors in variables in simultaneous equation models. Journal of Econometrics. 389-401. Hertzog. C.. & Nesselroade. J. R. (1987). Beyond autoregressive models: Some implications of the trait-state distinction for the structural modeling of developmental change. Child Development. 58. 93-109. Hsiao. C. (1976). Identification and estimation of simultaneous equation models with measurement error. International Economic Review.

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