Alien Encounters by Patricia D. Netzley

By Patricia D. Netzley

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Perhaps the 54 Christian, Islamic, Hebrew, Mazdean and Hopi traditions of Judgment Day refer to the day when the earth is once more ‘relieved of its heavy load’”37—that is, relieved of all humans. A similar theory is that the aliens are planning to kill all the humans on Earth and replace them with alien-human hybrids. This theory developed because abductees have said that the hybrids are weaker and more passive than humans; therefore, some people speculate that this passivity was intentionally bred into the hybrids.

This device went around the glass table—above, sideways, under the table—and all the time I couldn’t move a muscle except my eyes. All the data picked up by the scanning device was fed into a strange-shaped grey screen where I was fortunate to see my insides. My heart, my stomach, and other parts. 28 45 Implants and Tests According to many abductees, at the end of the examination the aliens either place a small object inside their nose or ear or, if this is a repeat abduction, remove such an object.

Investigated the case and concluded He believes the aliens it was of an extraterrestrial nature. have trouble rememberHe adds, “This was quite an endorseing trivial things like ment of the story’s veracity by the who was wearing which nation’s top skeptic, who later turned article of clothing. ”25 Common Elements In the years since the Hickson-Parker case, many other cases of alien abduction have surfaced. By the 1990s hundreds of people were calling themselves alien abductees, and reports of such encounters continue to surface.

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