Alchemy - The Black Art by David Cherubim

By David Cherubim

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Comment: The true treasures of earth are the treasures of life itself. They are incomparable in nature, being invaluable elements in the constitution of existence. ) 25. But the Three Higher Principles of the Universe are beyond these, being subtle, ineffable and supernal. All three of these greater principles are equal in essence to one another; there is no difference between them in the measure of infinity which they contain within themselves: each one of these Higher Principles is equally infinite.

So saith Hermes Trismegistus, Lord of Our Royal and Sacerdotal Art of Alkhemi, Who is also the Wisdom of the Gods and the Logos of the Ineffable Unknown. Mysteries revealed are mysteries concealed; and none but the Wise may decipher them. This Holy Book of the Magick of Hermes is hermetically sealed; and none but the Wise may unravel its sublime splendours of High Wisdom for the accomplishment of the Great Work of the Sun; yea, for the accomplishment of the Great Work of the Sun.

To discover the exoteric operations of these three lesser Principles of Nature is, in the ultimate sense, a scientific process. ) 20. Each lesser principle is a sign of the higher, but after a certain manner most secret and most mysterious. (Comment: As previously indicated, the lesser is a reflection of the greater. ") 21. On earth shalt thou find these principles reflected and made especially manifest in thy works of physical union. (Comment: In the sex act is reflected the mystery of the operation of the three Principles.

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