Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored by A. Cockren

By A. Cockren

This price ebook is introduced again into print since it tells the tale of alchemy in such easy phrases that almost all all can comprehend. The cryptic language and symbolism often present in alchemy is laid naked on the way to understand precisely what was once intended and what was once occurring in the course of the pursuit of the alchemical elixir. the basis of the booklet is to teach that the technology of alchemy finds the only legislations working in the human spirit and in our quest for immortality. Cockren insists that there's a Divine Plan, and by way of exploring and experimenting with alchemy, we are going to locate ourselves at the course that might lead us to it. This ebook needs to be learn in complete, so the "complete photo" is proven, and the reader will then see the way it all connects. assorted elements of the realm are lined, in addition to diversified sessions of historical past. there's additionally a actual alchemy, on the subject of drugs, that's lined along with the religious. very good fabric exists during this small ebook at the nice males of alchemy like St. Germain, Nicholas Flamel, Basil Valentine, and Paracelsus. The booklet concludes through reprinting of the world's most vital airtight alchemical texts -- The Golden Tracate of Hermes and The publication of the Revelation of Hermes.

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It is the Spirit of God, which in the Beginning filled the Earth and brooded over the waters, which the world cannot grasp without the gracious interposition of the Holy Spirit and instruction from those who know it, which also the whole world desires for its virtue, and which cannot be prized enough. For it reaches to the planets, raises the clouds, drives away mists, gives its light to all things, turns everything into Sun and Moon, bestows all health and abundance of treasure, cleanses the leper, brightens the eyes, banishes sorrow, heals the sick, reveals all hidden treasures, and, generally, cures all diseases.

Even so, although his method is the more perfect of the two, it is still far from the ideal The homeopathists, of course, teach that the founder of their system was Hahneman, but in actual fact this is inaccurate. Hahneman merely rediscovered in part a system which had been taught in alchemy for hundreds of years. I say in part because the alchemist's interpretation of the system was very much more perfect than is the modern homeopathist's. In regard to the question of potencies, I will repeat once again the definition of the Quintessence: 'Nothing of true value is located in the body of a substance but in the virtue thereof.

I am tempted and proven with the fulness of His substance and His probable wonders, and humbly pray God that whilst we live we may come to Him. "Remove thence, O Sons of Science, the unguents which we extract from fats, hair, verdigrease, tragacanth and bones, which are written in the books of our fathers. But concerning the ointments which contain the tincture, coagulate the fugitive, and adorn the sulphurs, it behoves us to explain their disposition more at large, and to unveil the Form, which is buried and hidden from other unguents, which is seen in disposition, but dwells in his own body, as fire in trees and stones, which by the most subtle art and ingenuity it behoves to extract without burning.

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