Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 27 by A.J.Boulton A.R. Katritzky

By A.J.Boulton A.R. Katritzky

(from preface)Volume 27 comprises 4 contributions. Black and Doyle talk about '' l-Azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexanes and Analogs with additional Heteroatom Substitution.'' half II of the therapy of ''Heteroaromatic Radicals'' by way of Hanson offers with radicals with staff VI heteroatoms and completes the overview of the heteroaromatic unfastened radicals all started in quantity 25. In ''The 1,2- and 1,3-Dithiolium Ions.'' Lozac'h and Stavaux elevate so far the evaluation by means of Prinzbach and Futterer which seemed in 1966 in quantity 7 of this book. eventually, Grimmett has up to date his personal assessment of im-idazole chemistry which seemed in 1970 in quantity 12.

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MacLeod, J. Am. Chem. 95, 4801 (1973). 34 R. Hoffmann, J . Chem. Phys. 39, 1397 (1963). 30 36 PETER HANSON [Sec. 33 Accordingly, it is found that radiolysis of furans gives rise to a wide range of both nonaromatic cyclic adduct radicals and ring-opened radicals, but only in the presence of mesomerically electronwithdrawing substituents are aromatic anion-radicals observed. 1 , 3 5 - 3 7 Notwithstanding its probable nonexistence, calculations have been performed of the spin distribution in the furan a n i ~ n - r a d i c a lHMO .

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