Abdullâh Ibn Saba and Other Myths by as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

By as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

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In this Encyclopaedia, written by some orientalists, the story is written as follows:- 44 " I f we want to consider only what Tabari and Maghrizi have recorded, we say that one of the subjects Bin Saba was preaching was the second coming of Mohammad. This was the theory — that to every Prophet there is a successor, and Ali is the successor of Mohammad. So, every Muslim, therefore, must help Ali by his words and deeds. It is said that ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄ sent missionaries all over the country to propagate his theory.

He was in fact a wicked, travelling missionary, who tried to lead Muslims astray. He started from Hijãz, and went to Basra, Kũfa and Syria. Finally he lived in Egypt. " He said, "People believed in the second coming of Jesus, but denied the second coming of the Prophet Mohammad, even though this is mentioned in the Koran. Moreover, God has sent over one thousand messengers, and each of them had a deputy — a successor. " Then in the margin of his book he refers to Tabari (17) and indicates the page.

He has been deprived of his divine office by ‘Othmãn the Caliph, and therefore it is necessary to revolt against ‘Othmãn in favour of Ali. ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄ formed a party called Saba΄ia, and this party rioted and killed ‘Othmãn, the third Caliph. They 18 19 also made mischief between the armies of Ali and Talha, his enemy, during the time when peace negotiations were expected at the battle of Jamal near Basra. The Sabaia who were enrolled in both armies, fired shots one early morning, without waiting for any order from the commandants, and thus they started the war.

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