A Perfect Darkness (The Offspring) by Jaime Rush

By Jaime Rush

For readers of paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and new grownup romance!

They reside traditional lives, yet they're outstanding. they're the Offspring, childrens of a mysterious test long gone awry--and they're in poor danger.

A horny stranger awakens Amy Shane in the dark. Lucas Vanderwyck slightly has time to whisper a couple of phrases prior to 3 males burst into her bed room and drag him away. yet what Lucas unearths shatters Amy's secure little international forever.

Lucas and Amy proportion a psychic gift--a present that may placed them in mortal threat. And as they percentage evening after evening of savage ardour, as a shadowy govt conspiracy tracks their each flow, they are going to struggle to avoid wasting one another. yet purely with their powers of moment sight can they break out the phobia of an ideal darkness.

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A Perfect Darkness (The Offspring)

For readers of paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and new grownup romance! They stay traditional lives, yet they're remarkable. they're the Offspring, teenagers of a mysterious scan long gone awry--and they're in bad probability. a horny stranger awakens Amy Shane at midnight.

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She walked in and draped the orange blanket Orn’ry had become attached to over the cage. “Uhoh,” he said in his small voice, which would have been comical in other circumstances. Cyrus gave her those moments when he was clearly agitated. He’d always been patient. Or maybe controlled. Though he masked his glow colors, she could see a jagged shadow all around his head. Robotically, she walked over t�o where he stood. ” “You’re right. ” Oddly, he got a wistful look on his face. “When you were a girl, you were scared of things you didn’t understand.

Petra stepped closer. “What happened to him? ” Amy’s anger dimmed in light of the fear in Petra’s eyes. All right, what would it hurt to tell them? Then they’d tell her stuff, too. She sat on the arm of the sofa. “Lucas broke into my apartment…” Reliving the experience as she recounted the events renewed her fear and confusion. She wrapped her arms around herself as she finished. ” That’s when it hit her. He� was gone. No more dreams. “And still he fought those men…for a few minutes…until he dropped.

The little girl, green eyes, freckles, and thick, frizzy brown hair. Her. The boy holding her protectively, the skinny boy with dark hair and blue-gray eyes, was Lucas. Amy, we’re not strangers. They had known each other as children years ago, and, inexplicably, they knew each other in dreams, too. As she was about to turn and ask questions of her own, something white flashed over her face. Mint assailed her senses. No, not again! Before she could think of fighting, everything went black. ” The fairy woman knelt next to her with a bottle of water.

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