A Nation Like No Other: Why American Exceptionalism Matters by Newt Gingrich

By Newt Gingrich

It’s turn into trendy one of the liberal elite to downplay, deride, even deny America’s greatness. The political correctness police insist that the United States is “hated” world wide for being too giant, too strong, too wealthy, too winning, too loud, too intrusive. And along with, it’s no longer great to brag.

They are thoroughly lacking the point.

America’s greatness, America’s exceptional greatness, isn't really in keeping with that indisputable fact that we're the strongest, such a lot prosperous—and such a lot generous—nation on the earth. particularly, these issues are the result of yankee Exceptionalism.

To comprehend American Exceptionalism, as Newt Gingrich passionately argues in A country Like No Other, one needs to comprehend our specified delivery as a country. American Exceptionalism is located within the easy but completely extraordinary ideas expressed within the assertion of Independence, “that all males are created equivalent, that we're endowed by way of our author with definite unalienable rights, that between those are existence, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.”

Our country is outstanding, maintains Newt, simply because we—unlike any country ahead of or since—are united by means of the idea and the promise that no king, no govt, no ruling classification has the facility to infringe upon the rights of the person. And while the sort of govt makes an attempt to take action, we'll vigorously reject them.

Sadly, many politicians and leaders this day have forgotten our sacred dedication to those beliefs. Our govt has strayed alarmingly faraway from the scope of constrained powers framed via our Founders. in the meantime, the liberal media search out, and occasionally create, tales meant to painting the USA as a bully and a thief. Even our personal president turns out clueless, assuring us that sure, definite, he believes in American exceptionalism, like the Greeks think in Greek exceptionalism and the British in British exceptionalism.

But American Exceptionalism isn't approximately cheerleading for the house crew. It’s approximately spotting and honoring the history-making, world-changing beliefs our Founding Fathers enshrined to make this a country of the folk, via the folks, for the folks. And, as Lincoln warned, we needs to rededicate ourselves to these ideas, lest our really unheard of kingdom perish from this earth.

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A creed is open to everyone who shares the beliefs, and immigrants become Americans through affirming it. The creed set America apart, an exception to the beliefs other countries have about organizing government and society. The American Creed is the source of American Exceptionalism to this day. It is both universal and timeless—relevant and accessible to the present generation and to future ones. Spiritual and political leaders throughout our history have called on us to reaffirm our creed and renew our civilization.

Every cause, even repression itself, was wrapped in the language of English liberty. No people in the history of the world had ever made so much of it. 3 The “liberties of Englishmen” were bedrock for the colonists, but they were keenly aware these rights were hard-won, unevenly applied, and if history was any guide, impermanent. In Britain, natural rights were assumed to be an integral part of the unwritten English constitution. Beginning with the Magna Carta (Great Charter) in 1215, Britain had slowly and steadily limited the government’s powers and expanded the rights of its citizens.

These ideals must be manifested in actual policies. On this score, Obama’s record as president comes up woefully short. Imposing a centralized, top-down healthcare system that forces all Americans to buy a private service—health insurance—does not advance or preserve freedom. Undermining school choice to sustain the failing, bureaucratic, public school system and the privileges of its powerful unions does not help children or advance or preserve freedom. Saddling our kids with ruinous debt does not advance or preserve freedom.

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