A Date on Cloud Nine by Jenna McKnight

By Jenna McKnight

Jenna McKnight dazzles with a romantic comedy that includes a girl who has been despatched again from heaven to "do anything fairly important". . . if she does not get distracted by way of the very horny Jackson Murdoch first!

Lilly Marquette does not desire angels to inform her it is not her time. in the end, she's no longer even thirty. yet whereas trying out the tremendously sizzling man in the back of the counter of a "toy" store, the furnace blows, and poof, Lilly is headed for the pearly gates! yet rather than St. Peter, she's greeted by way of. John and Elizabeth? those parent angels are giving Lilly one final probability to get it right.and to eventually select the suitable man.

Jake Murdock is sizzling, horny, and he can even be the perfect guy, yet he wishes not anything to do with Lilly He believes she stole 3 million funds from him in an coverage rip-off, and now he is looking at helplessly as she offers away his cash! And the extra he attempts to prevent her, the extra she is going on approximately angels making her do it. His brain could be on revenge, but if she bats these lengthy attractive lashes at him, it abruptly does not look so vital anymore. now not while he has an opportunity to teach her that theirs is a keenness that comes just once in a lifetime.

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Come on, I'll take you on a tour. " The next hour passed quickly. Lilly was a delight to watch, like a kid in a candy store. Family pictures were sprinkled throughout the house, mixed in with artsy collections of shelves, pottery, and sculptures. Mostly action shots instead of posed; family football on a leaf-strewn lawn, synchronized swimming, father and son versus mother and four daughters in a muddy tug-of-war. " It was impossible to miss the longing in her voice, the way she lingered over each one.

He must like her in blue. No, that couldn't be. He'd already had the package in the car before she came outside. Maybe seven days of red had finally screamed Sex here! Get some sex here! loud enough to reach him. Maybe he'd made peace with the idea of sleeping with his best friend's widow. Maybe who the heck cared. When she thought she could speak without squeaking, she said, "Oh, all right," in what could only be interpreted as ridiculously, high-school-virgin perky. A vibrator. Their first time together, and he wanted to bring along a toy?

Sad thing was, she missed her nanny the most because she'd been closest to her. They returned to the office, where Lilly got down to the business of a charitable donation. "You've seen everything," Ollie said. " Out the window, she watched Jake and Reggie at the car, the back door stand ing open. "Sure, stop by anytime. " One thing she'd learned from her many stops—volunteers were the backbone of charities. She wondered if they were ever given their due. She strolled outside and huddled alone on a nearby bench to give Reggie extra time with Jake and Mooch.

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