1001 Shocking Science facts: A Fiendish Formula for Fun by Anne Rooney

By Anne Rooney

1001 surprising technology proof A Fiendish formulation for enjoyable by means of Ann Rooney

A enjoyable (and surprising) number of proof such as ;

Shocking physique evidence
Shocking Animal Facts
Shocking Creepy Creature evidence
Shocking dwelling international proof
Shocking Planet Earth proof
Shocking house proof
Shocking expertise evidence

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Qxd 16/4/08 17:13 Page 63 63 The star-nosed mole has six times as many nerves going from its nose to its brain as a human has going from each hand to the brain. Some sharks can detect the smell of fish at concentrations as low as one part in ten billion. 8 kilometres (half a mile) by a tornado and landed safely in a field. Five years later, another tornado carried her over a bus! Shocking Animal Facts A crocodile can’t stick its tongue out. Some fish live so deep in the sea that it is permanently dark.

Even though a dog’s mouth has as many germs as a human’s, not as many of them are harmful to us. A rare response to a virus that normally causes warts can also lead people to develop brown growths, which make them look as though they are covered with tree bark. Before they are born, developing human babies have a tail, and some developing snake babies have legs. Perhaps we have more in common with snakes than we think! In one day, your blood travels 19,312 kilometres (12,000 miles)! They might ‘see’ sounds as colours, or ‘hear’ smells as sounds.

When someone dies and the mucous stops, the acid starts to dissolve the stomach. When you vomit, the muscles that usually push the food down through your gut go into reverse and push it up and out of your mouth. Dead bodies swell up as they rot, because decomposition produces lots of gas. Some dead bodies burp or fart as they release gas, which can be quite alarming! These may explain some of the stories about werewolves. Shocking Body Facts Forensic scientists examine maggots and beetles eating dead bodies to try to work out the time that the person died.

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