Arabie Environmental Solutions, Inc. is a consulting firm that has provided a broad range of environmental services in Louisiana and the surrounding states since 1989.  Our staff includes professionals in civil engineering, chemical engineering, geology, biology, and environmental science.  The five senior professionals have a total of 110 years of combined experience.

Our goal is to resolve our client’s environmental concerns in a professional and cost-effective manner.  Through training and experience, we are capable of handling such projects as site investigations and remediation, permit applications, project certification reports, wetland delineations, litigation support and representation at meetings, and preparation of plans or reports required by regulators or financial institutions.  Our personnel are trained in geology, environmental science, civil and chemical engineering, hydrogeology, ecology, soil science, and chemistry.

Arabie Environmental Solutions, Inc. consults primarily for businesses and industries, and derives most of its work from repeat clients and client referrals.  We serve large, nationwide companies and small to mid-size firms in the manufacturing and service industries.  Our client list includes major industrial companies, land developers, waste disposal companies, banks, law firms, and private individuals.

This statement of qualifications provides an overview of the type of services we offer, the nature of our experience and training, clients and sample projects.  Additional information about the firm, references, or a proposal for a specific project will be provided upon request.


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